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Rockstar’s True Crime: 3 Surprisingly Real Video Game Crimes

Everyone expects video-game publisher Rockstar to push the boundaries when it comes to crime. From the delinquent behavior in Bully to train robberies in the Old West, Rockstar is in the business of bringing crazy crimes to life. Unfortunately, so are everyday people, who may even inadvertently find themselves re-enacting favorite scenes from video games. These three events leapt off the screen and into headlines in the last year as video-game crimes made manifest.

Grand Theft Auto – Grand Theft Tank

What do you do when you really, really need a bottle of booze? According to LAD Bible, one Russian found the answer in a nearby military training ground. While it was no Rhino tank, the vehicle he commandeered for a drive to, and nearly through, the nearest supermarket was the closest thing at hand: a 12-ton Russian military armored transport.

The fully amphibious armored personnel carrier proved more than a match

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Off The Shelf: Surprisingly, Sudbury’s top cop isn’t reading true crime

Don’t be surprised: Police Chief Paul Pedersen doesn’t stay up late at night pouring through page-turner crime novels.

“Do I read mysteries? I get asked this question a lot. Similarly, do I watch police shows? My general answer is no.”

He does admit to rare moments of diversion, though.

“One mystery book that I read virtually cover to cover in a weekend was The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. Definitely one of my all-time favourites.”

But there is much literature on the topic that has weight.

“Of course, speaking with my sister, [I] remembered another influential book that I’ve loaned to others — Future Crimes by Marc Goodman. It’s an eye-opening look at current and future technological crimes, truly enlightening about how vulnerable we all are. A must read.”

So fact, not fiction has the greater influence for this reader.

Pedersen is the head of operations and administration and wears the badge of the

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