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Experts still clueless on what drives mass murder 50 years after unhinged man fatally blasts six

On an autumn Monday morning 50 years ago, Leo Held piloted his blue station wagon along his customary 17-mile roller coaster commute up and down the ridge-and-valley Appalachians of north-central Pennsylvania.

Middle age had arrived early for Held, a married father of four children, ages 5 to 19. Doughy and balding, he had just turned 40 but looked eligible for a senior discount.

Held choked the steering wheel that morning — Oct. 23, 1967 — as he drove toward the Lock Haven, Pa., paper mill where he worked, seething over the affronts he used to rationalize what he was about to do.

Friends and colleagues would later describe Held as an ordinary man. But his mind played a nonstop reel of umbrage-taking. He felt persecuted for conflicts that reasonable adults would brush off or talk through.

‘Psychological autopsy’ could uncover Las Vegas gunman’s motives

There were the carpoolers who banned

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Lyle Menendez on parents’ 1989 murder: ‘I still cry over my mother’

Lyle Menendez was watching on a television in his prison cell when the inaugural episode of NBC’s four-part miniseries, “Law Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders,” aired Tuesday night.

“It was painful to watch,” he told Megyn Kelly in a phone interview from prison on TODAY Thursday.

“I think it’s difficult to — without having talked to me — to know kind of how I was at that time, but it’s pretty surprisingly accurate throughout,” he said.

The show, which will air every Tuesday

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Lyle Menendez: I Still Love My Mother But I Don’t Forgive Her For Allowing Dad’s Sex Abuse

Lyle Menendez gets candid about the night he and his brother Erik shot and killed their parents. He reveals his thoughts after seeing the first episode of ‘True Crime’ and relives the horrific events from that night in 1989.

It’s been 28 years since Lyle and Erik Menendez, brutally murdered their parents Jose and “Kitty” Menendez inside their lavish Beverly Hills home. And, to this day, Lyle still mourns the death of his mother but still has “harsh” feelings toward his father because of the sexual abuse he and Erik claim they suffered from the former Hollywood executive. In a brand new interview with Megyn Kelly, Lyle travels back in time to relive that bloody night.

“My father was a monstrous person,” he told Megyn over the phone from prison, where he is currently serving a life sentence. “My feelings about him are difficult and harsh.”

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Attorney Says Teen’s Family Still Supports Her After She Live-Streamed Crashed That Killed Little Sister

As Obdulia Sanchez sits in jail in connection with a July wreck that left her younger sister dead — an incident she live-streamed — her family grieves the loss of two children, the teen’s defense attorney tells PEOPLE.

“The family, they are supporting Obdulia,” says her court-appointed lawyer, Ramnik Samrao.

“They know it was an accident,” he says. “But they have lost two daughters now, that’s very hard to deal with. They just want her to come home.”

Sanchez, 18, is accused of drunkenly crashing her car into a field near Los Banos, California, on July 21, killing her 14-year-old sister, Jacqueline Sanchez, and seriously injuring Jacqueline’s friend — all while filming what happened on her phone and broadcasting it on social media.

Authorities have said Sanchez lost control of her vehicle, ejecting both of her passengers, who

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Mary Kay Letourneau and Vili Fualaau Are Still Living Together Months After Separation Announcement: Source

Mary Kay Letourneau and Vili Fualaau are still living together months after he filed for legal separation following more than a decade of marriage, a source close to Letourneau tells PEOPLE.

“It’s really complicated,” the source says. “There are financial considerations that have made this whole thing a challenge. They’re really trying to go about this as responsibly as possible.”

“I know it sounds awkward,” the source continues, “but they’re figuring it out. It takes a lot of planning to separate after being together for 20 years.”

A source previously told PEOPLE that a reconciliation seemed unlikely.

“They’ve been having issues for a while now,” the source said after the separation filing became public. “They tried to work through them, but it didn’t work. They’re still committed to being good parents to their children.”

Word of the

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Oxygen Examines Case of Ex-Cop Drew Peterson’s Still-Missing Fourth Wife 10 Years After Disappearance

For 10 years, the fate and whereabouts of Stacy Peterson have remained unknown, even as her ex-cop husband sits in jail on two unrelated convictions — one for murdering a different wife and another for trying to kill the prosecutor who put him behind bars for that murder.

Now the Oxygen network promises a fresh look at the mystery and at Drew Peterson, the disgraced, attention-seeking former police officer in Bollingbrook, Illinois, who has long maintained he had nothing to do with his bride’s 2007 disappearance.

The two-hour special Snapped Notorious: Drew Peterson premieres August 25 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. An exclusive trailer is at the top of this post.

The broadcast marks the 10th anniversary since Stacy, who was Drew’s fourth wife, went missing. He has alleged in court records and his public statements that the 25-year-old was cheating on him with another man and had run off with him.

Stacy’s family

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FX is still "confident" that People v. OJ Simpson’s Hurricane Katrina spin-off will eventually air

Despite what you’ve been hearing, there are still plans for American Crime Story: Katrina to air on FX at some point in the future.

The dramatisation of Hurricane Katrina was the first spin-off of the Emmy-winning People v. O.J. Simpson announced and even attached Matthew Broderick, Annette Bening and Dennis Quaid to star, but was later pushed back behind a season based around the murder of designer Gianni Versace.

The latest word in July from director Anthony Hemingway was that the project had “stalled” indefinitely, but FX president John Landgraf had a more hopeful outlook at the TCA press tour on Wednesday.

(The People v OJ Simpson: American Crime Story)

“I’m confident that it will air and I’m really, really excited,” Landgraf told Read more at: http://www.digitalspy.com/tv/american-crime-story/news/a835235/america-crime-story-people-v-oj-simpson-hurricane-katrina-spin-off-update-fx/

Post-election, how do you create a politics podcast for a market (still) flooded with politics podcasts?

Editor’s note: Hot Pod is a weekly newsletter on the podcasting industry written by Nick Quah; we happily share it with Nieman Lab readers each Tuesday.

Welcome to Hot Pod, a newsletter about podcasts. This is issue 130, published August 1, 2017.

Strong early feedback for NPR’s Wow in the World. Kids’ podcasts: there are rising arguments for more, and we now have some numbers for those looking into building a strategy. NPR tells me that Wow in the World, the organization’s science podcast for kids, broke the 2 million download mark as of last Wednesday, achieving that feat in slightly over two months and across 17 episodes. These figures are based on internal measurements described as relatively conservative; the actual number is likely somewhat higher. For reference, the show, hosted by TED Radio Hour’s Guy Raz and SiriusXM’s Mindy Thomas, officially launched on May 15. (Also: Between the

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George Zimmerman Juror Still Haunted by Verdict: ‘Was I Manipulated? I Don’t Know’

George Zimmerman juror Maddy in Oxygen's The Jury Speaks

George Zimmerman juror “Maddy” in Oxygen’s “The Jury Speaks”

*A juror in George Zimmerman’s trial says she is still haunted four years later by her part in the verdict and feels “forcefully included” in the death of Trayvon Martin.

In Oxygen’s four-part true crime series “The Jury Speaks,” several of the most infamous court cases in American history are explored – including trials involving Michael Jackson, Robert Durst and O.J. Simpson.

Part 3, airing tonight (July 24), reexamines the Zimmerman trial through the eyes of the jurors who deliberated on the case; many of whom had not closely followed the extensive media coverage of Trayvon Martin’s death. At the time of the “not guilty” verdict, juror Maddy explained in an interview: “It’s hard for me to sleep, it’s hard for me to eat because I

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