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‘Love & Hate Crime’ Series Premiere Spotlights Murder of Transgender Teen Mercedes Williamson

Our newest television addiction Love Hate Crime is set to premiere on Investigation Discovery next month, and the true crime docu-series will begin with the disturbing murder of transgender teen Mercedes Williamson.

In a trailer for the upcoming episode, airing Feb. 25 on the cable network, Josh Vallum reveals how he regrets killing his then-girlfriend Mercedes after discovering she was born a man. “If there is anything in this world that I could take back, it would be that I would give Mercedes her life back,” he says into the camera. “I would actually give my life in exchange for her life because the guilt that I’m living with is so horrible, it’s not worth it.”

He continued, “I know that I’m secure in my relationship with God but I don’t know if Mercedes was secure, so I have to live with the fact that

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New Discovery Channel show spotlights SLO County serial killer

A new Discovery Channel show spotlights one of San Luis Obispo County’s most notorious criminals, serial killer Rex Krebs.

The second episode of “The Interrogation Room,” which airs Thursday night, focuses on local investigators’ efforts to convince Krebs, a convicted sex offender, to confess to kidnapping, raping and murdering San Luis Obispo college students Aundria Crawford and Rachel Newhouse.

“The Interrogation Room” premiered Jan. 4. The show “covers all facets of crime and the clever tactics used by detectives to obtain criminal confessions,” inviting viewers to “listen, verbatim, to the hair-raising conversations that end with convictions,” according to a Discovery Channel news release.

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‘American Fire’ spotlights a troubling rural arson spree solved by old-fashioned legwork

July 13, 2017
A century ago, Virginia’s Accomack County was one of the wealthiest rural regions in the entire United States. Then it drifted. Farming dried up, and the glitzy resort hotel shut down. Now this colonial-era outpost on a peninsula between Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean is one of Virginia’s poorest counties.

In 2012, somebody torched an abandoned house. Then another building went up in flames. And another. By the time it was all over, investigators counted almost 80 arson-set fires, a string of blazes that criss-crossed the county and nipped at its northern border with Maryland. No one would be killed, but the fires left this red county in a blue state both focused and frightened.

Who did it? A troubled couple in love. He was a car mechanic and volunteer firefighter, she managed a little women’s clothes shop, and they lived ordinary blue-collar lives. Then,

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Netflix Spotlights a Young Nun’s Mysterious Cold-Case Killing in New True Crime Docuseries

Sister Catherine “Cathy” Cesnik, a 26-year-old nun and teacher in Baltimore, vanished in 1969. Her body was found about two months later, but her death has never been solved.

How did she die? And why?

Cesnik’s story is now getting the Netflix true crime treatment, PEOPLE can exclusively reveal.

Following Making a Murderer and a documentary on the Amanda Knox case, the streaming service is releasing The Keepers, a Netflix original seven-part docuseries examining Cesnik’s life, the lives of the many people she touched and the broader web of hidden stories and lies in Baltimore that may be connected to her death.

Sister Catherine “Cathy” Cesnik in an undated photo.
Source: Justice for Catherine Cesnik and Joyce Malecki Facebook Group

PEOPLE is debuting the teaser poster for the series, which Netflix described as “about the unsolved

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