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Active Shooter

IN THE UNITED STATES, where we average seven mass shootings a week, gun control advocates often look to countries like Great Britain as examples of gun-free societies. Following several massacres involving lawfully licensed weapons in the late 1990s, Britain strengthened its gun control laws to be among the tightest in the world. It worked: since 1997, the United Kingdom has seen just one mass shooting.

So unusual are “active shooter” situations in Britain that a 2010 manhunt for a gunman named Raoul Moat created an American-style media circus, complete with television interruptions that recalled O. J. Simpson’s famous freeway chase. Andrew Hankinson’s 2016 book You Could Do Something Amazing With Your Life [You Are Raoul Moat] tells the story of the shooter’s seven days on the run in rural Northern England, after taking aim at three people in two days with an

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Jesse Osborne, accused Townville Elementary School shooter, talks about bullying, remorse


Justin Brown first witness talking to David Wagner, Tenth Circuit Solicitor, during a waiver hearing for Jesse Osborne at the Anderson County Courthouse on Monday.
Pool video

Jesse Osborne, the now-15-year-old accused in the Townville Elementary School shooting, will be back in court today for

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Fact Check: Did the Tehama County Shooter Exploit a Loophole to Obtain His Weapons?

Correction, Nov. 17, 3:27 p.m.: Fact Check originally wrote that state law prohibited Neal from owning or making a gun. In fact, he was prohibited under the Federal Gun Act. The piece has been updated accordingly.


Did Kevin Janson Neal exploit a “legal loophole” to obtain the weapons he used to kill five people in rural northern California on Tuesday?

That was one claim from a report from NBC that featured several incorrect, misleading, or unclear statements.

“Experts say Neal apparently exploited a legal loophole that enabled him to get around California’s tough gun laws,” the article states, “by ordering the parts for a weapon that is illegal in that state — and putting it together at home.”

NBC quotes a retired ATF employee:

“As long as it’s not restricted in the state of their residence and the person is not prohibited, anyone can manufacture a sporting firearm for person[sic] use,” Rick

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Texas Mass Shooter Reportedly ID’d as Former Air Force Member Once Accused of Assaulting Spouse

The shooter who opened fire on a Sunday morning worship service in a Texas church, killing at least 26 people and injuring at least 20 more, has been identified as 26-year-old Devin Kelley, according to multiple news reports.

Kelley’s name was confirmed by unidentified officials speaking to the Associated Press, CNN and the Washington Post. (PEOPLE’s requests for comment from Texas law enforcement were not immediately returned.)

An Air Force spokeswoman tells PEOPLE that Kelley served at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico, working in logistics readiness. He was stationed there from 2010 until he was discharged in 2014, following a 2012 court-martial on accusations he assaulted his spouse and their child, the spokeswoman says.

Kelley received a bad conduct discharge and 12 months’ confinement as well as a reduction in

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Heroic Unarmed Hotel Security Guard Took on Las Vegas Shooter and Led Police to Stephen Paddock’s Room

When Stephen Paddock began his shooting spree at the Route 91 Harvest Festival on Sunday, a security guard sprang into action — even though he didn’t have a gun of his own.

Jesus Campos is being hailed as a hero for his actions, which police believe helped save countless lives.

According to Dave Hickey, the president of the International Union, Security, Police and Fire Professionals of America, Campos approached Paddock’s room on the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay on Sunday night, hoping to stop the deadly murder spree.

Hickey tells The Daily Beast that Paddock saw Campos coming through the cameras that he had rigged in the hallway. When Campos got to the room, Paddock fired through the door, hitting him in the leg.

Now wounded, Campos radioed dispatch and told them how to find Paddock’s room. Paddock killed himself not long after.

• Want

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Las Vegas Shooter’s Brother Says Family Is ‘Dumbfounded’ by the Violence: ‘We Can’t Understand What Happened’

The brother of the man whom authorities say opened fired on concertgoers in Las Vegas on Sunday night, killing at least 58 people and wounding more than 527 others, said on Monday morning that he’s “completely dumbfounded” by the mass violence.

“We can’t understand what happened,” Eric Paddock told a crush of media from his home in Orlando, Florida, about his 64-year-old brother, Stephen Paddock.

Stephen, according to police, was holed-up in a 32nd-floor room in the Mandalay Bay Hotel on Sunday night when he opened fire on the 22,000-strong crowd at the Route 91 Harvest festival, about 1,200 feet away.

Investigators have said he was found dead in his room of a suspected suicide, with more than 10 rifles.

“He’s not an avid gun guy at all,” Eric said. “The fact that he had those kinds of

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How a Sandy Hook Mom Came to Forgive the Shooter Who Murdered Her Daughter

In Alissa Parker’s new book, An Unseen Angel, she writes about still feeling the presence of her 6-year-old daughter, Emilie, who was killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting — and who is “now growing up in heaven.”

Debuting Tuesday, the book also reveals how Parker began to open her heart to forgiveness after she and her husband arranged to meet the gunman’s father in March 2013.

At first, Parker says she wasn’t interested in hearing about Peter Lanza’s feelings about his son, Adam Lanza, the 20-year-old who killed 26 people, including 20 first-graders, at Sandy Hook.

But after she and her husband shared their feelings with him, Peter began to open up about all the pent-up emotions he had about the massacre — one of the worst in U.S. history — and

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Orlando Shooter’s First Wife Says Omar Mateen “Hid Himself”

Monster In My Family LMN

Sitora Yusufiy on Monster in My Family, LMN

In The Monster in My Family episode ‘The Orlando Shooter: Omar Mateen,’ the first wife of Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen, Sitora Yusufiy, meets a woman whose brother Juan was killed at the gay nightclub Pulse on June 12, 2016. Mateen shot the Juan in the chest. A total of 49 people were massacred and an additional 53 were wounded that night.

Yusufiy says, “When I first learned that my ex-husband was behind a mass shooting, I was shaking.” (She was married to Mateen for less than a year before filing for divorce in 2011. Yusufiy says he was physically abusive.) “I really feel like it was the pressure from his family,” says the ex-wife, “that didn’t allow him to be who truly he is.” She

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Airport Shooter Was Allegedly Passenger Who Retrieved Gun from Checked Bag: Source

The suspected shooter in Friday’s attack in the Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport used a gun he retrieved from baggage he checked on an Delta flight to the airport, a federal law enforcement official tells PEOPLE.

The official identified the shooter as Esteban Santiago, 26. Santiago allegedly arrived in Ft. Lauderdale today on an inbound red-eye flight originating from Anchorage via Minneapolis, according to the official.

According to the official, the shooter arrived at 12:03 p.m. and picked up his checked bag at the baggage carousel. He then made his way into the bathroom, gathering his weapon and putting on a Star Wars t-shirt. He came out of the bathroom and began shooting people at the baggage carousel in the area of Terminal 2, the official says.

The shooter allegedly had a military ID on him when he was taken into police custody. According to

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Fort Hood Shooter Book on Sale for $1300

KILEEN, Texas—A handwritten book allegedly written by the Fort Hood
shooter is on sale for more than $1,300.

One of his more than 30 victims told the Houston Chronicle the book
is “a shame.”

The 51 page book is on the site True Crime Auction House which sells
work created by or related to criminals.  His attorney called the
51-page book a surprise but the True Crime Auction House owner is
confident it’s authentic.

It is unlikely the he’ll make any money off the book since it’s
illegal for killers to profit off of murder-related memorabilia in the
state of Texas. The convicted killer is currently on death row for
slaughtering 13 people back in 2009.

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