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Afternoon Links: Pro Se Litigants for the Win, Louise Linton Raked Over the Coals

Occupational Licensing Stinks. At the Atlantic, Conor Friedersdorf laments the declining right to earn a living. While criticism of occupational licensing is not a new or novel concept (we’ve covered it extensively), I did learn something sort of horrifying: Tree trimmers and cosmetologists in some locales are required to undergo more training than do EMTs.

Pro Se can you see? Pro se litigants are often crazy, and they often waste many a judge’s time with novel legal theories. Sometimes, though, they hit on something big. In South Carolina, they’re dealing with #Sealmageddon: a scandal resulting from the secretary of state’s failure to stamp papers:

For nearly a decade-and-a-half, [Mark] Hammond been failing to perform one of his most basic constitutional duties – affixing the “Great Seal of the State” onto acts and resolutions passed by the S.C. General Assembly.

His failure to perform this ministerial task – which

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