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Author to shed new light on X+Y=Z Preacher

Those who like a good mystery ought to set aside time Tuesday to attend the Limestone County Historical Society’s quarterly meeting.

Starting at 6:30 p.m., local history and true crime author Jacque Reeves will offer fresh details on a local legend of sorts — the Rev. Constantine Blackmon Saunders, otherwise known as the X+Y=Z Preacher, and the Rev. George W. Mitchell, who first penned an account of the preacher’s peculiar gifts in 1877.

Often referred to as the Sleeping Preacher, Saunders was known to fall into a trance-like state in which he would describe events that happened far away and write word for word the content of letters yet to be delivered. During his spells, he would tell of the location of lost valuables, diagnose ailments and even prescribe treatments.

He served as the pastor of the Mooresville Brick Church during the mid-1850s and asked Mitchell, a fellow minister who intermittently headed the

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Tennessee Preacher Accused of Raping Teenage Student After Binding Her with Rope

A Tennessee preacher and teacher’s assistant has been accused of binding and then raping one of the teenage girls from his school, though his defense attorney says he is innocent and “has not committed any crime.”

Law enforcement alleges otherwise: Officials say Mike Ulmer, 53, picked up the victim, 18, from Chester County High School on Feb. 16 and brought her to his home in Henderson, Tennessee.

Ulmer serves as a pastor at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Henderson, and court records show the victim was paid to clean his house.

She is a student at Chester County, where Ulmer also worked, though a source tells PEOPLE he was suspended from his teacher’s assistant position on Feb. 17, moments before he was taken into custody.

The day before Ulmer was arrested, authorities allege he directed the teen to do some cleaning in his office, which is contained within a detached garage on his property.

The victim told investigators that Ulmer allegedly used a rope to bind her wrists

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