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Angela Henderson-Bentley: New offerings ‘Black Lightning,’ ‘Versace’ have shaky starts

The CW has had a ton of success with dramas based on DC Comics superheroes. But their newest, “Black Lightning,” is unlike any of the others. Whether that’s good or bad, I’m not quite sure.

Cress Williams stars as Jefferson Pierce, the principal of an inner city charter high school who was once the superhero Black Lightning. Jefferson retired nine years ago when being a superhero destroyed his marriage. But when the dangerous local gang, The One Hundred, threatens the safety of his daughters, Black Lightning returns to the streets.

Black Lightning is an adult hero with a family, which gives him an interesting dynamic that’s different than most superheroes, and Williams is great at playing that inner conflict of family vs. duty.

The problem is that Jefferson is way more compelling of a hero as a principal than he is as a superhero. Black Lightning just struts down the street with the

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