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Did a Convicted Texas Murderer Reveal He Was a Serial Killer?

Nearly 20 years ago, in letters he wrote to local prosecutors, Texas murderer Edward Harold Bell claimed the Marine he’d shot and killed in 1978 was not his only victim.

In fact, he said, there were seven others, all girls.

Years later, in a series of prison interviews with the Houston Chronicle in 2011, Bell revised that number of purported victims. It wasn’t seven, he said — it was 11.

The “11 that went to Heaven,” he called them, according to the Chronicle. Along with his supposed confessions, Bell, now 78, provided names for some of the girls he said he killed. He claimed he’d been brainwashed into violence.

But was he telling the truth?

Six years after the Chronicle‘s investigation of Bell, first published in 2011, comes AE’s new six-part docuseries The Eleven, which premieres on Thursday and

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Holly Bobo’s Parents Reveal Why They Agreed to Let Her Rapist and Murderer Avoid the Death Penalty

Holly Bobo’s parents say in a new interview that they agreed with prosecutors to let her convicted killer be spared a possible death sentence so that they could “hopefully” begin to recover from her murder more than six years ago.

Dana and Karen Bobo discussed the decision in a sit-down with ABC News’ 20/20, airing on Friday night and exclusively previewed above.

Asked why they chose to spare 33-year-old Zach Adams the possibility of an execution, Karen says it was about their own peace: “So that we can hopefully start doing a little bit of healing.”

Adams was convicted on Sept. 22 of kidnapping, rape and first-degree murder in connection with Holly’s slaying. He was sentenced the next day to life in prison without the possibility of parole, plus 50 years.


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Netflix’s ‘Making A Murderer’ Spoof ‘American Vandal’ Is Your Go-To Binge Watch This Week

The rhetorical questions that leave you hanging, thirsting for more.

The creepy slow-motion close ups to random objects, like a coffee cup, that totally makes you convinced they’re significant pieces of evidence.

The tales of childhood from neighbours and descriptions of how the suspect in question was ‘always such a good kid’ and that ‘no one expected they could do something like this’.

If you’re a fan of Netflix’s Making A Murder, Amanda Knox, or the Serial podcast, you’ll be well-aware of these stylistic techniques that keep you on the edge of your seat and questioning every twist and turn of a true crime story, until its inevitable cliff-hanger ending.

Free Steven

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With that in mind, Netflix appears to have applied its

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Bingeworthy: Netflix’s ‘American Vandal’ is ‘Making a Murderer’ meets ‘American Pie’

Netflix’s “American Vandal” is like if “Making a Murderer” was set at a high school. 

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Bingeworthy: Netflix’s ‘American Vandal’ is ‘Making a Murderer …

Netflix’s “American Vandal” is like if “Making a Murderer” was set at a high school. 

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‘American Vandal’: How Two Guys Combined ‘Making a Murderer’ and ‘Freaks and Geeks’ and Got One of 2017’s Best …

American Vandal” is one of the most delightful TV experiments of 2017, but it easily could have been something far simpler. In the parody world, it’s hard to be able to sustain a tribute to (or retooling of) a pre-existing genre or specific piece of work. Most of these riffs pick out the recognizable highlights, build a few-minute sketch around a simple tweak of the formula, and a grateful internet marvels at the accuracy or the strength of the twist.

Netflix’s latest eight-episode series nearly became just that.

“We did ‘30 for 30: Space Jam,’ ‘30 for 30: Rocky IV,’ stuff like that,” explained “American Vandal” co-creator Tony Yacenda told IndieWire. “Dan was watching ‘Making a Murderer’ and he knew I was a huge fan of true crime stuff, and he just had the broad idea for a short, to

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American Vandal Makes Fun of Making a Murderer, with Netflix’s Blessing

Dan Perrault, a co-creator of Netflix’s American Vandal (premiering September 15), is particularly proud of one element of his show—a true-crime parody that applies the format to the mystery of whether a teenager drew a bunch of dicks on his teachers’ cars. “We had our own 3-D re-creation of a hand job on a lake, which I’m thrilled that we were able to get away with in general—but also doubly thrilled that it made it into the trailer,” Perrault says. “It’s my favorite 3-D hand job ever.”

In context, this bit of graphic wizardry—presented, like the rest of American Vandal, with an entirely straight face—is used to determine if a horny dork is telling the truth about his sexual exploits, a detail which in turn is crucial to the case of the spray-painted phalluses. The comedy created by Perrault and Tony Yacenda, the latter of whom also directs, sends up the

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Netflix’s New Documentary ‘Long Shot’ Explores How ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Freed An Accused Murderer

Netflix isn’t just about grounded superhero shows, political dramas, and quirky comedies. The company also tackles gripping real-life crime mysteries, like Casting JonBenet, and the critically acclaimed The Keepers and Making A Murderer. Each one has captivated audiences in their own way because of their thoroughness and quality. Good news for anyone hooked on these crime documentaries, because the streaming service is about to give us a new one: #LongShot.

The #documentary will detail the arrest and trial of Juan Catalan, who in 2003 was wrongfully accused of murdering a 16-year-old girl. The twist? He was exonerated thanks to the unlikeliest of reasons: A beloved HBO comedy series—more on that below.

It’s as fascinating as it sounds, and you can get a peek of what to expect from the documentary right now, as Netflix has released the first trailer. Check it out:

The trailer, while impactful, only gives

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Netflix’s Next True-Life Tale Is About ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Freeing An Accused Murderer

For as many twists and turns as Making a Murderer had (and continues to have), Netflix’s next true crime title is even more unbelievable. In 2003, Juan Catalan was arrested for the murder of a 16-year-old girl. He claimed that he didn’t do it because he was at a Los Angeles Dodgers game at the time, and even had the ticket stub to prove it, but “his offer to take a lie-detector test was refused,” according to ABC News. “And the fact that he did not fit the description eyewitnesses gave of the shooter did not persuade prosecutors.”

Four years later, however, Catalan was released from prison, thanks to an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm where Larry picks up a prostitute so he can use the carpool lane and get to the Dodgers game faster. The HBO series filmed at the stadium, including a shot

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