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Evil serial killer known as the Brooklyn Vampire who kidnapped children and cut them up and ATE them

He is arguably the most depraved serial killer in the annals of American crime, a sadist, paedophile, and cannibal who by his own estimation killed as many as 100 children over a murderous career spanning more than two decades.

He was also a reprobate of quite staggering proportions, who practiced so many perversions that his court-appointed psychiatrist called him “the most polymorphous pervert I have ever known.”

The newspapers of the day called him the Gray Man, the Brooklyn Vampire, or the Werewolf of Wisteria.

His real name was Albert Fish.

On Monday, May 28, 1928, Delia Budd answered a knock on her apartment door and found a frail old man standing on the threshold.

(Image: New York Daily News)

(Image: New York Daily News)

He introduced himself as Frank Howard and said he was there in response to an advertisement that Mrs Budd’s 18-year-old

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Gary Cartwright dead at 82: Texas Monthly writer known for true crime – Austin American

In addition to Texas Monthly, Cartwright wrote for Harper’s, Esquire, Rolling Stone and Life magazines. He produced books such as “Dirty Dealing,” “Texas Justice,” “Galveston: A History of the Island,” “HeartWiseGuy,” “Confessions of a Washed-Up Sportswriter,” and “Turn Out the Lights: Chronicles of Texas during the ’80s and ’90s,” a collection of his Texas Monthly articles.

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Six true crime books about lesser-known, suspected serial killers

The cover of ‘To Kill and Kill Again’ by John Coston and ‘Body Dump’ by Fred Rosen. — Reuters picNEW YORK, Dec 6 — What’s more terrifying than a famous serial killer? The one you don’t know about — a vicious killer who flies under the radar. These serial killers’ untold stories are sure to have even the most dedicated true crime fans looking over their shoulders. From the Ypsilanti Ripper (who was only convicted of one murder, but suspected of seven) to the Butcher Baker (the Alaskan serial killer who hunted his victims for sport), these cringe-worthy true crime stories will make you fear the unknown.

1. To Kill and Kill Again by John Coston

From 1974 to 1986, a serial killer who came to be known as the “Missoula Mauler” terrorised Missoula, Montana. Little did the residents know that Wayne Nance, a friendly local man, was the

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