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LIVE: Investigative Reporter McPhee on Boston Bombing Book – & Tackling MS13 Trial Next

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Michele McPhee

Investigative journalist Michele McPhee joined GoLocal News Editor Kate Nagle to talk about her latest book, “Maximum Harm: The Tsarnaev Brothers, the FBI, and the

Read more at: http://www.golocalprov.com/live/live-investigative-reporter-mcphee-on-boston-bombing-book-tackling-ms13-tri

‘Final Appeal,’ A New True Crime Investigative Series, Examines Potential Wrongful Convictions

Brian Banks spent half a decade behind bars because of a wrongful conviction. Now he’s trying to help others who might be suffering the same fate. Banks and former Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office prosecutor Loni Coombs are the stars of Oxygen network’s Final Appeal, which will wrap up its four-episode first season on Sunday.

“I can give voice to people who, for the entire time they’ve been in prison, felt that they’ve had no voice,” Banks told Newsweek. “And I know that because I’ve been that person in prison who felt voiceless. I’ve screamed, I’ve pled, I’ve cried, I’ve  begged. It falls on deaf ears once those bars have been slammed in front of you… your voice becomes mute.”

In 2002, Banks was a top high school football prospect when he was falsely accused of rape. Faced with up to 41 years in prison, he was advised to take a plea deal and spent five years behind bars.

Read more at: http://www.newsweek.com/final-appeal-new-true-crime-investigative-series-wrongful-convictions-785988

The Best Investigative And True Crime Podcasts Of 2017

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]]>Best Podcasts Of 2017: Investigative, Historical, And True Crime Edition

TV One Expands Morning News Show, Adds Viola Davis EP’d Investigative Series

TV One will expand its morning news, current affairs, and lifestyle lineups, the network announced at its Upfront presentation today.

NewsOne Now will be renamed Black America Today and expands to a two-hour format, joined by a daily lifestyle talker in late 3Q17. Academy Award Winner Viola Davis will exec produce a new investigative series and Benjamin Crump hosts an original series on wrongful convictions to build on the network’s true crime slate.

“Our goal is to provide our discerning audience of information-conscious influencers with more of what they are looking for in original films, family reality, true crime and justice content,” network president Brad Siegel said at the Chelsea Pier presentation.

Beginning in 3Q17, TV One will enhance its live morning news, current affairs and lifestyle programming by expanding to three hours of live television. News One Now, hosted by Roland S. Martin, will expand to air 7-9 AM ET.

Read more at: http://deadline.com/2017/04/tv-one-upfront-roland-martin-viola-davis-1202073825/