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The Grisly Murder That Launched a Podcast Star

Dan Zupansky was underwhelmed when he met Sidney Teerhuis in jail. Teerhuis was overweight, had a face scarred by acne, and spoke with a high, hectoring voice. He was in prison for committing a vicious murder and dismemberment, but to Zupansky he looked like Drew Carey wearing a jumpsuit. 

The two were meeting in the visitor’s room of the Winnipeg Remand Centre on March 9, 2004 in Canada’s midwestern province of Manitoba. They exchanged greetings and quietly sat face-to-face on hard plastic benches on either side of a Plexiglas wall. Zupansky, then 44 and a handsome man with short hair brushed back with a comb, was wondering about the psychological makeup of the person sitting across from him. Eight months earlier, at the age of 33, Teerhuis had stabbed another man 68 times, dismembered the body, and disposed of the organs so thoroughly that they were never found. Teerhuis was in prison awaiting trial for the crime, and he likewise wondered about his visitor – what kind of person puts himself

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Documentary About Grisly Murder Inspires Dozens Of Copycat Documentaries

NEW YORK—Saying the ghastly imitations were sadly not entirely surprising, sources told reporters Tuesday that a widely viewed documentary about a brutal murder had inspired a string of numerous copycat documentaries. “It’s a phenomenon we unfortunately observe from time to time: producers see that a certain true-crime doc is getting attention and then try to replicate it in hopes they’ll get some of the spotlight too,” said critic Lauren Frye, noting that the many copycats of The Life And Death Of Ashley Dutcher all feature hallmarks of the original, including a small town, a murdered teenage girl, speculations about mishandled evidence, and home videos of the suspected killer as a child. “It’s absolutely sickening. We in the media have a responsibility to stop sensationalizing these derivative works with our coverage, because that’s exactly what the horrifying people who make them crave. The best thing we all can do is simply

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Grisly 19th century murder explored in ‘horrid’ crime book

A NEW book details the grisly murder that took place in 18th century Northwich.

Horrid Crimes of Bygone Cheshire, written by former Guardian journalist Derek Yarwood, explores tales of murder and mayhem in 18th and 19th century Cheshire.

Drawn from long-forgotten assize court files, judges’ notes, inquest depositions and contemporary newspaper reports, the book’s 12 chapters contain the most comprehensive, authenticated accounts of the cases ever published.

The book tells the story of Mary Pemberton, a 21-year-old farmer’s daughter who was slain at her Leftwich home on a cold winter’s night in December 1833.

The chapter, titled A Jilted Suitor’s Bloody Revenge, explores the relationship between the victim and Samuel Thorley, a successful businessman who murdered Mary in a jealous rage.

Derek called upon deposition statements from the time, fleshed out with the extensive media coverage the case attracted, to piece together the

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Watch Grisly First Trailer for ‘Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders’

NBC has unveiled the grisly first trailer for Law Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders, a true crime series about the Menendez brothers’ trial following the murder of their parents in August 1989.

The Sopranos‘ Edie Falco stars in the Dick Wolf-produced series as Leslie Abramson, the lawyer tasked with defending Erik and Lyle Menendez at the tabloid-dominating trial.

The blood-soaked trailer also promises “the true story will finally be told” regarding why the wealthy siblings killed their parents with a shotgun at their Beverly Hills home, with Abramson suggesting it was the boys’ upbringing that

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Lyle Menendez Speaks from Prison on Parents’ Grisly Murder: ‘You Can’t Escape the Memories’

In a rare interview from prison, convicted murderer Lyle Menendez tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue that he “still has sleepless nights” over the grisly 1989 shotgun slayings of his wealthy parents — which he committed with his brother, Erik Menendez.

“This tragedy will always be the most astounding and regrettable thing that has ever happened in my life,” Lyle says from California’s Mule Creek State Prison.

“You can’t escape the memories,” says Lyle, 49, “and I long ago stopped trying.”

The Menendez brothers’ first murder trial riveted the nation, thanks in part to it being televised.

Both brothers testified that they were armed with 12-gauge shotguns when they burst into the den of their home in Beverly Hills, California, and fatally shot their parents, Jose and Kitty Menendez, while the couple watched TV.

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‘Zodiologists’ gather at Lake Herman Road to mark grisly anniversary

Sandy Betts says she’s convinced she escaped the infamous Zodiac killer nearly 50 years ago, and has been obsessed with bringing him to justice ever since.

Jerry Johnson, on the other hand, has been hooked on the case since a law enforcement officer came to him in his capacity as a federal agent in the late 1960s, with a story of a Zodiac encounter.

A group of some half-dozen “Zodiologists” gathered Tuesday night at the Lake Herman Road site — at the Benicia/Vallejo border — of the still unknown killer’s first murders. They met at 11 p.m. Tuesday to mark the exact time of the 48th

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The Grisly Obsession Gwyneth Paltrow, Kim Kardashian, and More Celebrities Share

Gigi Hadid’s original motive for moving to New York was slightly darker than to become the pre-eminent model of the moment: she arrived ready to pursue a degree in criminal psychology at the New School. Luckily for the many brands she now represents, Hadid put her studies on hiatus, and her stint analyzing the minds of criminals is now merely an anecdote that ripples through profiles and interviews several years later, buoyed by her love for chatting about crime shows. See Live with Kelly and Michael or this AdWeek cover story from 2015 or a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Secrets Revealed clip. “[O]ne day I hope I can use my studies to be on Law Order: S.V.U.,” Hadid told Harper’s Bazaar just this September.

Hadid isn’t the only star who readily admits to a gripping interest in crime and the shows that tell those

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