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An evening with crime writers coming to Exeter

EXETER The voices behind a true crime podcast garnering national listenership will come together for a night of chatter at the Word Barn on Oct. 12.

Crime Writers On, featuring Rebecca Lavoie, Kevin Flynn, Toby Ball and Lara Bricker, has morphed into a weekly discussion on true crime, journalism, and pop culture. According to Bricker, an Exeter resident, they’re getting 70,000 to 100,000 downloads a week.

The event, titled “An Evening with the Crime Writers,” is a fundraiser for the Exeter Historical Society. Bricker said several society trustees and employees listen to the podcast, and originally asked if she were interested in speaking about true crime in Exeter.

Lavoie and Flynn have written books about true crime cases on the Seacoast, including Seth Mazzaglia who killed a University of New Hampshire student in 2012. They’ve also written about Epping murderer Sheila

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HINGHAM LIBRARY CORNER: Evening with the Author event Thursday

Wednesday, March 22 from 3 to 5 p.m. — Attention, history buffs! The latest Pop-Up Exhibit about the Hingham Shipyard will feature photos, documents, records, and other interesting historical items relating to this fascinating part of Hingham’s history and economy! Don’t miss this one-day-only event.

Thursday, March 23 at 7 p.m. — You’re invited to the next “An Evening with the Author” event featuring author R. Marc Kantrowitz and his intriguing new book, “Old Whiskey and Young Women: American True Crime Tales of Murder, Sex and Scandal,” which explores some of the most notorious legal cases in American history.

These cases have at least two things in common — their notorious characters titillated, if not repulsed, the entire nation when they first occurred — and they are nearly totally forgotten today.

From America’s first capital case involving an older woman and her much younger lover murdering her

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