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These true crime books detail 7 of Alabama’s most sensational cases

“Salvation on Sand Mountain”

By Dennis Covington

Fifteenth anniversary edition published by Da Capo Press, 2009 (Originally published in 1995 by Penguin Books)

“Salvation on Sand Mountain” chronicles the strange case of Glenn Summerford, who was convicted of attempted murder-by-snake. Pastor of the snake-handling sect Church of Jesus with Signs Following near Scottsboro, Summerford forced his wife, Darlene, to put her hand into a rattlesnake cage. She was bitten twice before she finally was able to get medical attention.

Summerford was sentenced to 99 years in prison. The book was a finalist for National Book Award.

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Police Detail Scott Peterson’s ‘Strange’ Behavior After Pregnant Wife Vanished — But Before Her Body Was Found

Police didn’t have to look far to find a suspect in the disappearance and death of Laci Peterson: Her husband, Scott Peterson, was almost immediately under scrutiny, thanks in part to his being her spouse — and because of how he acted after she vanished.

“His overall demeanor was so off from what they had seen in their experience as investigators that they completely zeroed in on him,” Ted Rowlands, a local TV reporter, explains in an exclusive clip from Tuesday night’s episode of AE’s six-part The Murder of Laci Peterson, which retraces the case’s history.

According to Jon Buehler, now a retired police detective and then an investigator looking into what happened to Laci, her husband’s behavior was “strange for the circumstances.”

For example, “that first night,” he says in the clip above, Scott seemed overly conscientious of the neatness and

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Rams trial Day 6: Judge questions witness in detail on deceased boy’s febrile seizures

Fairfax Circuit Court Judge Randy I. Bellows, shown in a 2015 hearing, is presiding over the Prince William County murder trial of Joaquin Rams after all of the Prince William judges recused. (Matt McClain/ The Washington Post)

As the lawyers for Joaquin Rams began to build their case Wednesday that his toddler son suffered a fatal seizure, and wasn’t drowned by his father, a pediatric neurologist testified that febrile seizures could be fatal but admitted he’d never had a patient who died of one.

Then the judge in the murder trial took over.

Circuit Court Judge Randy I. Bellows displayed his deep knowledge of the case, and his experience as a prosecutor and public defender, citing events and documents that haven’t even been discussed in Rams’s murder trial yet. He quizzed the expert witness for more than a half-hour, finally drilling down

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Popular true-crime series claims a major detail was left out of ‘Making a Murderer’

Netflix’s Emmy-nominated hit docuseries Making a Murderer is already planning to return with new episodes that focus on the post-conviction process, furthering the story of Steven Avery and co-defendant Brendan Dassey, the two men convicted in the 2005 murder of Wisconsin woman Teresa Halbach. But for those fans who can’t get enough of the theories of how evidence was handled and weighing in on whether Avery was wrongfully convicted will have a new glimpse into the case. In a new episode of Murder Made Me Famous to air on Reelz on Saturday, July 30th, the case is examined through a different lens, including reenactments of key moments.