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Evil serial killer known as the Brooklyn Vampire who kidnapped children and cut them up and ATE them

He is arguably the most depraved serial killer in the annals of American crime, a sadist, paedophile, and cannibal who by his own estimation killed as many as 100 children over a murderous career spanning more than two decades.

He was also a reprobate of quite staggering proportions, who practiced so many perversions that his court-appointed psychiatrist called him “the most polymorphous pervert I have ever known.”

The newspapers of the day called him the Gray Man, the Brooklyn Vampire, or the Werewolf of Wisteria.

His real name was Albert Fish.

On Monday, May 28, 1928, Delia Budd answered a knock on her apartment door and found a frail old man standing on the threshold.

(Image: New York Daily News)

(Image: New York Daily News)

He introduced himself as Frank Howard and said he was there in response to an advertisement that Mrs Budd’s 18-year-old

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Ariz. Mom Accused of Recording Sex Acts With Her Children and Selling Them Online

A 28-year-old Arizona woman has been accused of molesting her two young children, filming the abuse and then selling the footage on the Internet, PEOPLE confirms.

Keri Harwood, of New River, Arizona, was arrested at her home Sunday on multiple felony counts of sexual exploitation and molestation of a child, according to a statement from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.

The two children involved are 3 and 6 years old, the sheriff’s office said.

Harwood allegedly told authorities that she recorded the videos for a man she met online who offered to pay her hundreds of dollars if she streamed sex acts with children over Snapchat.

According to law enforcement, Harwood allegedly “desperately needed the money and did not want to disappoint this man.”

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After DreamWorks buy, NBCUniversal launching its own children’s network

Later this year, NBCUniversal will relaunch current network Sprout into a kids’ programming channel with more appeal for a broader age range of children.

According to the New York Times, Sprout will be renamed Universal Kids starting Sept. 9 and its programming will target kids ages 2-11, instead of the primary preschool-age children for whom Sprout currently programs. Universal Kids will feature more unscripted programming, including “Top Chef Junior,” a spinoff of the “Top Chef” series which currently airs on Bravo, a network which is also owned by NBCUniversal. More of Universal Kids’ programming will be filled out by existing DreamWorks shows including “All Hail King Julien.”

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Why Karla Homolka’s children will pay for her crimes

MONSTER IN MY FAMILY host Melissa Moore. (Richard Knapp/Lifetime/Everett Collection)

Melissa Moore. (Richard Knapp/Lifetime/Everett Collection)

Melissa Moore had always understood that something was wrong with her father. Keith Jespersen could be fun and loving one moment, doting on her and her two siblings, then volcanically angry and abusive the next. Once she brought home some stray kittens and was forced to watch as he tortured and ultimately strangled them. And there was the time when she was in junior high that he remarked about knowing how to murder someone and get away with it. He didn’t seem to be joking.

It was on March 30, 1995, when Moore was 15, that Jesperson was unmasked as the “Happy Face Killer.” Arrested for the murder of a girlfriend in Washougal, Wash., the Canadian-born, long-haul trucker confessed to seven other sex killings in six different states. (The

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