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City of Angels beckons

Sam Muzaliwa is getting out of town. 

The Telluride resident isn’t necessarily running from anything, but rather, toward something — in Los Angeles. 

Muzaliwa, 27, is signed to the independent LA record label Rick Ross Music Group; the hip-hop label “Freeway” Rick Ross established in 2014. (Ross, a former cocaine kingpin, has become a successful entrepreneur and businessman since being released from prison in 2009).

Known as Samweli, Muzaliwa is ready to focus more seriously on recording and promoting his brand in LA. Since signing with the label in January 2016, Muzaliwa (he’s also gone by Samwell, Samweili and 5 a.m.), released one compilation, in addition to his four previous solo albums on Bandcamp. 

“I haven’t been marketing or pushing it heavily, because it’s so easy to be content here in Telluride. The life here is a luxurious one, to say the least. We’re truly blessed to be up here,” he said. “It’s so easy

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