FX, network of ‘Atlanta’ and ‘The Americans,’ could be a victim of Disney-Fox consolidation

To its fans, FX has offered some of the most compelling television of recent years, with “The Americans,” “Atlanta,” “Justified” and that O.J. dramatization everyone couldn’t stop talking about.

To watchers of the Disney-Fox merger, the cable network offers something else: a giant enigma. 

With FX among the 21st Century Fox assets sold to Disney, a question has percolated through Hollywood: Can the network and its beloved programs survive? 

“FX has been responsible for some really great television, but these are shows that, relatively speaking, don’t get a lot of viewers,” said Cory Barker, a pop-
culture writer and expert who closely follows the cable space. “And it seems everything Disney continues to do is move toward its big-property, profit-maximization strategy,” he added. “It’s hard to see where FX fits in.”

Disney on Thursday announced it was spending $52.4 billion to buy nearly all of

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