Errol Morris: the master documentary maker on true crime mysteries, CIA conspiracies, and Oscar snubs

In 1953, an American scientist working with the CIA fell through the thirteenth-floor window of a New York hotel room, and plummeted to his death. Was it an accident? Suicide? Or something more sinister?

That’s the question posed by Wormwood, a new Netflix documentary from Oscar-winning filmmaker Errol Morris. The mysterious fate of that scientist, Frank Olson, who shortly before his death had tried to quit his job on a secret germ warfare programme, became an obsession for his young son Eric, who has spent more than six decades searching for the truth.

Built around a series of interviews with Eric, Wormwood follows him down a rabbit-hole of lies, cover-ups and conspiracy theories. “It’s a story with hundreds of hydra heads,” says Morris. “I first became interested in it as a result of talking with Eric Olson, but I had no way of knowing how rich the story would become.” By

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