Death by Festival Brings the Horror and Metal for a Good Cause

Scaring is caring. When the inaugural Death By Festival splatters the walls and shakes the foundations at the North Door this weekend, this hybrid horror film/heavy music festival will raise funds for Austin Pets Alive! and the Greater Houston Community Foundation. But make no mistake, that big heart is still full of entertaining evil.

It will be a sealed room of mayhem, with 13 hours of ghoulish cinematic creations, interwoven with music from the darker side. Fest co-founder Susie Winfield said, “We went back and forth on, ‘Do we even call this a festival? Is the concept of a festival that there are multiple things happening at the same time, at different places?’ We said, ‘You know what? It is a festival. It’s a full day.'”

There’s a historic resonance here. Back in 2012, local true-crime author Corey Mitchell announced he wanted to run a small fest fusing extreme films and extreme

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