Half Price Books: Where Rare Is Well Done

There’s a beautiful pearl, you might say, in one of the tastiest oysters in town.

You might say that if you were a writer, especially, as writers tend to work in metaphors. Writers often write books, too, and books (along with vinyl records, magazines, and more) are what’s sold at Half Price Books, the Dallas-based chain of stores that’s been expanding across the nation and has several locations here in Austin.

It’s the company’s 45th anniversary this year, and for a bookstore of any kind, much less a print-centered secondhand shop, to thrive in these digital times … well, that’s no small achievement. But we’re talking about Austin’s own Half Price Books at 5555 N. Lamar, specifically, the enormous emporium of used print-and-other-recording-format media that’s bordered the North Loop neighborhood since moving from smaller digs on Guadalupe, and we’re talking about it because it’s the metaphoric oyster here – and the unique

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