Mindhunter: who is the mysterious killer glimpsed throughout the series?

This article contains spoilers for the first season of Mindhunter, and Zodiac.

It’s as though director and executive producer David Fincher posed us a very simple question: “what do you want?” And we replied “10 hours of Zodiac, please.” To which, in his wisdom, he cheerfully responded “say no more fam.”

Yes, 70s-set binge-fodder Mindhunter arrived on Netflix this past Friday and ended up monopolising our entire weekend – bums were not leaving sofas until we’d chained all 10 episodes of the relentlessly creepy (and unexpectedly funny) FBI drama, based on the legendary book Mind Hunter: Inside The FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit, by John E. Douglas and Mark Olshaker.

After the final credits rolled, we were left with a few tantalising threads still dangling. What happened to that cat? Has Holden finally opened an emotional floodgate within himself that he’ll struggle to shut? What happened to that cat? What penalties or punishment

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