‘American Vandal’ combines true-crime, mockumentary genres

When I first saw the trailer for “American Vandal,” I felt personally attacked. The show is a parody of the true-crime documentary series genre, following two aspiring filmmakers/high schoolers as they investigate an act of vandalism at their school. As a die-hard fan of anything true-crime, I felt protective of the genre and not ready to watch anything making fun of it. But I bit the bullet and binged the entire series in one sitting. Calling it a parody may not even be correct; instead, it is a love letter to the true-crime genre.

The series follows Peter Maldonado (Tyler Alvarez) as he and his best friend Sam launch an investigation into a prank — 27 cars belonging to faculty members at their high school were vandalized with penises spray-painted on them. Senior slacker Dylan Maxwell (Jimmy Tatro, who’s the real breakthrough star of the series) has been

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