‘Law & Order True Crime’ Season 1, Episode 3: Court TV

“If you knew Erik and Lyle, you would know that they are not spoiled,” Abramson tells the cameras. But even the boys’ family, watching at home, knows this doesn’t look good.

For we viewers of this series, however, the imaging is worse for Dr. Oziel, who has swiftly become the ascendant villain among a cast of lawyers, brats and killers. Judalon is an unmitigated disaster, and her testimony to police and in court contradicts his assertions at every turn. She’s clearly enjoying the media spotlight, which is growing ever hotter; Diane Sawyer has contacted her, and she’s thrilled. She is also told that she’ll be tossed out as a witness if she goes on TV.

But that can’t stop her from causing a stir in court. Her impossibly low-cut blouse notwithstanding (“Please ask her to stop flashing her impressive bosom at you,” Abramson begs the

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