Katie Key, Jason McCamey: ‘Home Alone’–Mosheim, Tennessee 2007 Stalking Murder Case On ID Documentary

The Katie Key and Jason McCamey Tennessee murder case premieres on Home Alone this week. Home Alone is Investigation Discovery’s newest crime TV series. Katie Key’s story will be told by her parents Tammy Fellers and Gary Key. A decade ago, Katie Key, 17, was shot to death in her Greene County home by a man she formerly dated. Her case helped shed light on domestic abuse in dating relationships. Home Alone on Investigation Discovery brings you the scariest murder cases, involving victims who were home alone when the crime occurred, according to Discovery Communications.


Home Alone episode “Portrait of a Stalker”

A small-town murder rocks the town after a mother receives a photo message by phone from her daughter’s stalker.


Katie Key Stalking Murder Case in Mosheim, Tennessee

On ID’s Home Alone premiere, Tammy Fellers discusses the murder of her daughter, Katie Key, a West Greene High School senior

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