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Irish psychologist explains why teenagers are driven to kill in new true crime series Teens Who Kill

Mr Connolly, of The Connolly Counselling Centre in south Dublin, has written about the reptilian function of the brain, our natural alarm system, which he claims can be triggered by interventions in childbirth such as forceps or ventouse delivery, or caesarean sections, and have a lasting impact on a child’s emotional development.

“A child who has had a difficult birth, a difficult experience coming into the world, lives in a world where they feel very defensive,” he says.  “It’s like they’re going around with an AK47.

Read more at: http://www.independent.ie/entertainment/television/irish-psychologist-explains-why-teenagers-are-driven-to-kill-in-new-true-crime-series-teens-who-kill-35662922.html