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New book by Detroit News reporter details grisly murder

Tragically, the 2012 killing of Grosse Pointe resident Jane Bashara had everything a great true-crime book needs — and more.

The murder-for-hire engineered by husband Bob Bashara was lurid enough. But add in details of Bob’s secret life, replete with tales of SM bondage and discipline, and the case summons up a tableau of moral corruption in one of America’s fabled suburbs.

Detroit News crime reporter George Hunter and wife Lynn Rosenthal explore this local tragedy in depth in their new book, “The Sadist, The Hitman and the Murder of Jane Bashara”

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Creswell murder story will be featured on ID Channel on Monday

On Monday, April 30 at 9 p.m., true-crime network Investigation Discovery (ID) will be retelling the murders of Dennis Kelley and Carl McFarland in Creswell on its series, “Evil Talks: Chilling Confessions.”

In this episode of “Evil Talks,” a house fire on a farm in rural Oregon reveals the charred bodies of farmer Dennis Kelley and his farm hand Carl McFarland. Police suspect a terrible accident. But when suspicious new details are found among the ruins, investigators must keep tempers from boiling over in the interrogation room to trap the killer in his own lies.

This episode includes interviews with Mark Kelley, Kelley’s brother; Cheryl Kelley, Kelley’s sister-in-law; Lane County Sheriff’s Office Lead Detective David Silano; and detectives Stephan Simons and Les Sieczkowski.

Read more at: http://www.thecreswellchronicle.com/story/2018/04/26/news/creswell-murder-story-will-be-featured-on-id-channel-on-monday/457.html

Friend of Serial Murder Victim Claims Adnan Syed’s Alibi Witness Is Unreliable: ‘She’s Riding the Publicity’

A friend of the slain victim at the center of the hit podcast Serial says Adnan Syed‘s alibi witness at his upcoming murder retrial is unreliable, accusing her of “riding the publicity” she has garnered from the case.

A woman who identified herself only as Debbie, a friend of victim Hae Min Lee‘s, speaks about the case on Thursday’s episode of AE’s Grace vs. Abrams, hosted by legal analysts Nancy Grace and Dan Abrams. PEOPLE obtained an exclusive clip of the episode, which will air on AE on Thursday, April 26 at 11pm ET/PT.

Abrams asks Debbie if she thinks former high school classmate Asia McClain Chapman, who has said she was in the library with Syed when prosecutors say he murdered Lee, will be a “blockbuster witness” for the defense after not testifying at his original 2000 murder trial. In response, Debbie says, “I certainly hope not. I don’t believe her.”

Debbie adds: “I think

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True-crime podcast ‘Small Town Murder’ is suddenly killing it

Just last December, the true-crime comedy podcast “Small Town Murder,” hosted by James Pietragallo and Jimmie Whisman, sold out a live show at Lincoln Hall. Four months later, on Friday, it will headline the much-bigger Park West. No one can quite explain their meteoric rise to the middle: Podcasts, like pop stars, just take off sometimes.

In a recent phone interview, Pietragallo and Whisman, comedians from Phoenix and longtime friends, talked about how they launched two successful true-crime podcasts with nothing but a microphone, a dream, and a totally normal fondness for murder (spree killers and homicidal athletes preferred).

The following are excerpts from that conversation:

1. Put a novel spin on an already popular idea

Love Triangle Murder-Suicide: Woman Fatally Shoots Husband’s Alleged Mistress Before Killing Self


A Delaware woman fatally shot a woman she believed was her husband’s mistress before turning the gun on herself in what police say was a murder-suicide, PEOPLE confirms.

On Monday, 33-year-old Meredith Chapman was found dead in her Radnor Township, Pennsylvania, home after Jennair Gerardot, 49, broke into her home and fatally shot her for allegedly carrying out an affair with her husband, Mark Gerardot, according to a police press conference Tuesday.

Jennair Gerardot was also found dead of gunshot wound in the home.

Police recovered a series of text messages and emails by the killer, leading them to think she was motivated by revenge.

On the day of the shooting, Gerardot put on a wig and caught a train to Radnor from Delaware, where she and her husband lived.

Chapman lived alone and Gerardot broke into her home through the front door while she was at work. Before hiding in the home, Gerardot cleaned

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3 People Convicted For BDSM Torture and Murder of Midwestern Woman Living In California

Murders A-Z is a collection of true crime stories that take an in-depth look at both little-known and infamous murders throughout history.

An all-American girl from Missouri, 22-year-old Brittany Killgore’s life ended tragically after being tortured by three roommates who lived as “master,” “mistress,” and “slave.” The trio—including Louis Ray Perez, Dorothy Maraglino and Jessica Lopez–had a “sex dungeon” that contained “bondage type sex apparatuses, toys and tools” in their Fallbrook home, which is north of San Diego.

Brittany, whose story is told on Oxygen’s “In Ice Cold Blood,” had moved to San Diego after marrying a military man, Cory Killgore. In San Diego, their marriage fell apart, and while Cory was deployed to Afghanistan, Brittany filed for divorce. She was packing to head home when she got a knock on the door from Louis Perez, the boyfriend of Dorothy Maraglino, whom she had recently befriended.

If she had packed a few

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Behind the Real-Life Unsolved Murder Case That Inspired Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

The Oscar-winning drama Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri — starring Frances McDormand as a grief-stricken mother made furious by law enforcement’s failure to solve her daughter’s homicide — was inspired by a 27-year-old murder case in Texas that remains unsolved.

Investigators have now doubled the reward for any information that leads to an arrest in the killing of 34-year-old Kathy Page, PEOPLE confirms.

On May 14, 1991, Page, reportedly a mother and waitress, was found dead inside her car in Vidor, Texas — but her death was no accident, state authorities say.

Page had been strangled and the scene was staged, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety: Her car was nose-down in a ditch 100 yards from her home in an attempt to make it appear she had been in an accident.

Despite evidence of a homicide, no arrests have ever been made in Page’s death.

Vidor Police Chief Rod Carroll tells

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Crime TV show offers a theory on the unsolved Faith Hedgepeth murder in Chapel Hill

One of the most puzzling — and most brutal — unsolved murders in the Triangle is getting attention from an Investigation Discovery (ID) true crime TV show this weekend.

Faith Hedgepeth, an almost 20-year-old UNC college student and a member of the Haliwa-Saponi tribe from Hollister, was found bludgeoned to death in the apartment she shared with her roommate, Karena Rosario, on the morning of Sept. 7, 2012. Rosario and friend Marisol Rangel discovered the body.

The Chapel Hill Police Department has investigated the murder but has never made an arrest.

For the new ID series “Breaking Homicide,” former Rhode Island police sergeant Derrick Levasseur (you may also recognize him as the 2014 winner of “Big Brother”) and forensic psychologist Kris Mohandie investigate cold cases with the purpose of advancing stalled investigations.

Help us deliver journalism that makes a

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The Final Answer to a 16-Year Murder Mystery: Did Noted Novelist Kill His Wife in Their Mansion?

Kathleen Peterson, an esteemed member of the community in Durham, North Carolina, was found dead at the bottom of her mansion’s staircase in December 2001 — her body bloodied, her head battered — and before long, authorities had charged that her husband, novelist Michael Peterson, was the killer.

But was he?

The ensuing legal saga stretched until February 2017, when according to local media reports Michael, then 73, entered an Alford plea to voluntary manslaughter in his wife’s slaying. He was released from custody with credit for the seven-plus years he’d already spent behind bars.

Still, Michael maintained he was innocent but had little other recourse. Prosecutors said they hoped the plea brought “a measure of justice” to the 48-year-old Kathleen’s family.

Throughout the final developments in the case, Michael was trailed by a documentary crew. This summer, their work will premiere

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Ohio Mom’s Testimony Before Dying From Extensive Burns Can Be Used at Ex-Boyfriend’s Murder Trial

An Ohio woman who survived for nearly two years after being covered in flames at a gas station in 2015 — leaving her with burns on about 90 percent of her body — was able to testify against her accused attacker before she died last summer.

On Friday, a judge ruled that her recorded testimony can be used at the upcoming murder trial of Judy Malinowski’s 42-year-old ex-boyfriend Michael Slager, PEOPLE confirms.

Slager’s defense attorney Mark Collins says he believes the decision is a first for the state and possibly the nation.

“She may be the only victim to testify in their own murder trial,” he says.

Ron O’Brien, the Franklin County prosecutor, said not being able to use the testimony would not have crippled their case, “but certainly we think it enhances our ability to present what happened that day,” according

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