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David Berkowitz (in white) on Aug. 11, 1977, following his arrest

Four decades ago, a lowly postal worker from Yonkers held all of New York City in the grip of terror, carrying out a deadly string of late-night shootings that killed six and injured seven, triggering one of the largest police manhunts in the city’s history.

David Berkowitz — the self-proclaimed “Son of Sam” — evaded police for more than a year but was arrested on Aug. 10, 1977, outside his apartment building.

On Saturday, five days before the 40th anniversary of his capture, Investigation Discovery will air a two-hour documentary special that revisits the serial killer’s spree and eventual arrest called Son of Sam: The Hunt for a Killer and exclusively previewed above.

The program follows the parallel stories of Berkowitz’s victims and the detectives who brought him down.

In the exclusive clip, retired N.Y.C.

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Body of Boy, 9, Found After Massive Search Following the Death of His Mom and 2-Year-Old Sister

On Saturday afternoon, an Arkansas sheriff announced a 9-year-old boy’s body has been found, making him the fourth member of his family found dead this week, authorities confirmed to 4029 News.

Reilly Scarbrough’s body was discovered in a wooded area near Hatfield in western Arkansas, according to Associated Press. The discovery follows his 2-year-old sister Acelynn Wester’s body being recovered Friday. The children’s mother, Bethany Jo Wester, 43, was found dead in a creek on Tuesday, and her uncle Steven Payne, 66, was found dead Thursday in a home in Hatfield, according to AP.

The two children were the subject of a manhunt after they were reported missing last week, according to 4029 News.

The suspect, who Arkansas Times reports is Wester’s boyfriend Brian Bliss Travis, is currently in custody on a drug paraphernalia charge, according to the outlet.

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‘Monster In My Family’ SNEAK PEEK: WATCH Compelling New Docu-Series Following Family Members Of Serial …

Melissa Moore, daughter of 'Happy Face Killer' Keith Hunter Jesperson, who is also the face of Lifetime's 'Monster in my Family'

For the first time, those gripped and captivated by the stories of some of the most famous serial killers in America will be given a unique perspective about the people involved in the crimes with Lifetime’s new docu-series Monster in My Family.

The show, which follows the journey of various family members of convicted serial killers as they meet face-to-face with the family members of the victims. The journey begins with Melissa Moore, the daughter of Keith Hunter Jesperson (also known as the Happy Face Killer, who murdered eight women over a five-year period in the early 1990s), as

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