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House of Horrors Family Left Behind a ‘Filthy’ and ‘Barracks’-like Home in Texas: Neighbors

Years before the Turpins were found in squalid conditions in a suburban home in Perris, California — with their children allegedly starved and held captive inside — the family lived in Rio Vista, Texas, and neighbors say they left behind similar “filth.”

One local resident who lived nearby says that after the Turpins were gone from their residence, following foreclosure, a startling amount of garbage was found in their wake. So too were the family pets.

“We open the door and the dogs came flying out,” neighbor Shelli Vinyard recalls to Soledad O’Brien in Oxygen’s upcoming The Turpin 13 special, which is exclusively previewed below.

“They had been living off the trash and dirty diapers that they’d left in the house to eat,” Vinyard says.

Her daughter, Ashley Vinyard, remembers a similar scene inside the home in Rio Vista. Amid the

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Netflix’s New Podcast Will Provide Behind-the-Scenes Stories on True Crime Documentaries ‘Wild Wild Country’, ‘The …

Get ready to embrace a new binge buddy. Today, Netflix released the first teaser episode for one of the only shows not on its platform, the You Can’t Make This Up podcast. The first official episode premieres next Wednesday, and so far, it sounds like the series will be the perfect cure for Netflix-obsessed true crime lovers.

This is the second podcast Netflix has released, the first being the three-episode Wormwood: The Companion Podcast. But whereas the Wormwood podcast was directly tied to one show, You Can’t Make This Up will be exploring all Netflix originals. Each episode pairs journalists, comedians, and podcasters with the creators of some of Netflix’s original shows and movies to give listeners a unique behind-the-scenes look. The podcast will also reveal what parts were left out of the final cut and answer viewer questions.

At least for

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Behind the Real-Life Unsolved Murder Case That Inspired Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

The Oscar-winning drama Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri — starring Frances McDormand as a grief-stricken mother made furious by law enforcement’s failure to solve her daughter’s homicide — was inspired by a 27-year-old murder case in Texas that remains unsolved.

Investigators have now doubled the reward for any information that leads to an arrest in the killing of 34-year-old Kathy Page, PEOPLE confirms.

On May 14, 1991, Page, reportedly a mother and waitress, was found dead inside her car in Vidor, Texas — but her death was no accident, state authorities say.

Page had been strangled and the scene was staged, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety: Her car was nose-down in a ditch 100 yards from her home in an attempt to make it appear she had been in an accident.

Despite evidence of a homicide, no arrests have ever been made in Page’s death.

Vidor Police Chief Rod Carroll tells

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The People Behind Wild, Wild Country Have Another Wild, Wild Story To Tell

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Mom-of-8 Was Drunk When Her Family’s SUV Plunged Off Cliff With Her Behind the Wheel: Police

California authorities said Friday that Jennifer Hart, the Washington woman who was driving when her family’s SUV went over a cliff in Northern California last month, was drunk at the time of the crash.

All eight members of the Hart family are presumed dead after their car plunged 100 feet down to the water off the Pacific Coast Highway sometime in late March. Their SUV was found on March 26.

Five members of the family were found dead at the bottom of the cliff, including both parents, while the remaining three members of the family — kids Devonte, 15, Hannah, 16, and Sierra Hart, 12 — remain unaccounted for and are feared dead.

On Friday, California Highway Patrol Capt. Bruce Carpenter said at a news conference that toxicology reports found Jennifer, who was behind the wheel, had a blood alcohol level of 0.102. (The legal limit is .08.)


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The Bizarre True Kidnapping Story Behind FX’s New Drama Trust

Following the success of its American Crime Story anthology series, FX is once again turning to true crime for inspiration. On Sunday, March 25, the network will debut the new drama Trust, which chronicles the highs and lows of one of the wealthiest families in American history: the Gettys.

The first season, written by Simon Beaufoy and starring Donald Sutherland as billionaire J. Paul Getty Sr., follows the 1973 kidnapping of Getty’s teenage grandson and the heir to the Getty Oil fortune, John Paul Getty III (the kidnapping was also the subject of the recent Ridley Scott film All the Money in the World). FX intends to tell the complicated story of the Getty family and the corrupting influences of money and power across multiple seasons and decades, but here’s everything you need to know about the infamous kidnapping — and the ransom no one wanted to pay — covered

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The real McMasterminds behind McMafia: The BBC thriller isn’t just must-see TV, it’s a scarily realistic portrayal …

Every Sunday night in his London home, the author of the book behind BBC1’s jet-setting, gangster thriller McMafia hosts a small party in honour of each episode.

Misha Glenny has every reason to celebrate. Not only has the ground-breaking drama about organised crime, which reaches its thrilling finale tomorrow, drawn in more than seven million viewers a week, it’s also an international talking point. 

On top of that, the non-fiction book that started it all has become an international bestseller. Titled McMafia: Seriously Organised Crime, it ‘sold moderately in the UK and in 25 languages,’ says Misha, ‘but now it’s been turned into a fictional TV series, it’s reached millions.’

Those millions have had their eyes opened to the insidious, globalised world of organised crime, rife with bribery, money laundering, drugs, human trafficking, prostitution and contract killings, which now accounts for 15 per cent of the world’s economy. 


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‘Drug Lords’ tells the true-crime tales behind iconic movies

Netflix knows you can’t get enough true crime. Series, docuseries, features, documentaries, anything to satiate viewers’ appetite for the bloody, salacious, and (usually) factual. One of its latest offerings in the genre is Drug Lords, a breezy, four-episode documentary series focusing on several of the biggest and most infamous narcotics dealers of the last century.

Each episode of the show explores the life of a different drug lord, as well as their organizations and the law enforcement officials who eventually brought them down. All of these stories have been fictionalized at least once, so the best part of the series ends up being the comparisons it invites to the Hollywood retellings. Many players from these events are interviewed, with results that range from extremely candid and revealing to by-the-book recounts of historical events.

The first two episodes function almost as a piece with one another, a sort of

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The Alienist: the bloody true history behind your next true crime obsession

A beat cop walking the crime and disease-ridden avenues of New York’s Lower East Side in the late 19th century might have been surprised to encounter a familiar figure. The unexpected interloper would have loomed suddenly in the gloom – identifiable by his generous moustache and a piercing gaze augmented by his trademark spectacles. 

In 1894, aged just 26, future American President Theodore Roosevelt was appointed Commissioner of the notoriously corrupt and dysfunctional New York Police Department. He set about weeding out crooked patrolmen and clamping down on the service’s links to the infamous Tammany Hall political machine.

To ensure his men were fulfilling their assigned duties he would even walk their routes himself – materialising in the gaslit shadows like an avenging force. 

It is into this New York of crowded tenements, rampant violence and unimaginable squalor that viewers are…

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