Podcast Crew Arrives in Tenino to Investigate Nancy Moyer Disappearance

When James Baysinger pulled the partially buried trash bag out of the ground, tore into it and found it contained bones, he said there was one word that came to mind: “Nancy.”

He carefully gathered the small pieces of bone, saying later that he took some time to determine whether they were only sticks. Sticks, when coated in dried mud, he thought, can look deceptively like a bit of skeleton.

He gathered the bits of bone into the bag, and started trudging out of the woods, up the embankment and to a nearby road where Dr. Maurice Godwin and a couple other members of his crew waited.

It took Godwin no time at all to identify who the bones belonged to: a deer.

“Your heart drops,” he said, when asked how he was feeling.

Baysinger is the creator and host of the podcast “Hide

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Exclusive clip: Investigation Discovery’s “The Atlanta Child Murders”

Investigation Discovery (ID) is set to premiere its latest true crime series in The Atlanta Child Murders, about the decades-old unsolved murders, on Saturday.

Over 23 months, starting in 1979, 29 African-American children were abducted and killed in Atlanta, Georgia. Despite mounting public pressure to solve the case, decades later no one has been charged for the crimes, and the killer remains unknown. While a man named Wayne Williams, convicted of murdering two adults, has long been suspected of killing the children, The Atlanta Child Murders questions those suspicions and explores the possibility that he was a scapegoat, revisiting the case as a whole.

The Atlanta Child Murders is produced by Jupiter Entertainment and Will Packer Media for ID. Harrison Land (pictured, below), Mike Sheridan and Allison Wallach serve as executive producers for Jupiter, with Will Packer and Kelly Smith executive producing for Will

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Oxygen Media Debuts Two-Hour Special THE PIKETON FAMILY MURDERS

Oxygen Media Debuts Two-Hour Special THE PIKETON FAMILY MURDERS

Oxygen Media, the destination for high-quality crime programming, presents a gripping two-hour special, “The Piketon Family Murders” premiering on Sunday, March 31 at 7pm ET/PT. Hosted by Beth Karas, the special delves into a complicated and horrific massacre that stunned the small town of Piketon, Ohio, when in 2016 seven members of the Rhoden family as well as Hannah Gilley, the fiancée of one of the victims, were found murdered in a cold-blooded killing. The special will take viewers inside the largest criminal investigation in Ohio’s history.

For more than two years, the residents of Piketon lived their lives in fear, hoping day in and day out that law enforcements would find the individuals responsible for the killings as rumors started swirling the town. Then, this past November, a series of arrests were finally made that further rocked

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Podcast Trends In 2019 That You Should Know About

Headphones on white photo credit: GettyGetty

2019 has already shaped up to be a huge year for podcasting. With the announcement of the $200M acquisition of Gimlet Media by Spotify, and the release of new subscription platforms like Luminary and Brew, the simple concept of the ability to stream content like talk radio on demand on any device over the internet is finally gaining mass market appeal, more than 10 years after its inception.

To understand what market conditions are now enabling the growth of this relatively new medium, and what trends we can expect to see in the coming years as podcasting as an industry matures, we went to the RAIN Podcast Summit this month and heard from some of the biggest names in the business, like NPR, iHeartRadio, and PRX.

Here are

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Four underrated true crime series worth adding to your must-watch lists

There’s just something about true crime. In recent times, the spate of documentaries released has made for the most interesting water-cooler banter since Twin Peaks. We’re continually fascinated by the crimes, the did-they-or-didn’t-they, the grit and startled at how much can be revealed, sometimes decades after these crimes have been committed. That is the power of the medium of the true crime series. It does more than entertain; it seeks answers, asks questions that many wish to keep hidden.

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If you’re stuck for something to stream this week, we have your true crime recommendations: two new ones and two hidden gems you’re sure to love.

The Act

Kicking off your next TV obsession is the tragic and disturbing story of Dee Dee Blanchard and her daughter Gypsy Rose. The series is based on a 2016 investigative piece written by Buzzfeed, which

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The New Next: Former FBI agent Jerri Williams pulls curtain on agency myths





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7 Hidden Gems on Netflix for People Who Loved ‘The Staircase’

From bone-chilling podcasts to mind-boggling documentaries, our true-crime obsession is at an all-time high. So, if you’ve already watched every single episode of The Staircase and can’t find anything that compares to its binge-worthiness, keep reading for a complete list of hidden true-crime gems on Netflix.

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Where Was ‘Pose’ Filmed? The Groundbreaking New Series Is Set In This Iconic US City

As U.S. series Pose arrives on UK television, viewers will be welcomed into the world of 1980s African-American and Latino ball culture. The series tells the story of a black transgender woman, who after a serious medical diagnosis, decides to make some major changes in her life. The groundbreaking show is set in New York City, but where was Pose filmed?

According to Deadline, production on Pose’s first season began in New York City back in October 2017, and the New York Post reports that the series has since filmed at a string of notable hotspots across the U.S. city’s five boroughs — including at the Brooklyn Museum, the Loew’s Moorish movie palace on 175th Street, and the Red Hook pier. According to Vulture, the FX series also used the Chelsea Square Restaurant,

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Ariz. Mom Who Put Kids in YouTube Videos Seen by Millions Allegedly Pepper-Sprayed, Starved Them

Machelle Hackney

On-camera, the performing children of Machelle Hackney, seven of whom were adopted, attracted millions of views to the mom’s YouTube channel, “Fantastic Adventures.”

Off-camera, their lives were a total terror, police allege.

Hackney allegedly beat and starved her kids, kept them for days in a locked closet without bathroom breaks, forced them into ice baths and held their

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Donna Air lands role in the second series of BBC legal drama The Split

SHE knows a thing or two about break-ups after calling time on her romance with Kate Middleton’s brother James.

Now Donna Air will be able to channel her experiences into BBC legal drama The Split, after landing a role in the second series.

 Donna will star opposite Doc Brown as the pair go through a very bitter divorce
Donna will star opposite Doc Brown as the pair go through a very bitter divorce

In an exclusive interview, Donna said: “I am a huge fan of The Split. It has a brilliant cast, which I am very excited to be part of.

“It’s a dream to work with a writer like Abi Morgan and to be back on the BBC where I began my career as a little girl.”

Donna — whose first telly gig

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