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Family of Comatose Woman Who Gave Birth ‘Disappointed’ by Arizona Facility’s Lack of ‘Remorse’

Following the news of an internal investigation into Hacienda HealthCare in Phoenix, the parents of the woman who is in a vegetative state and gave birth while in their care despite her condition — revealed they are disappointed in the facilities lack of “remorse.”

“The victim’s parents are aware of the recent press release by Hacienda’s board and leadership announcing that attorney Rick Romley has been hired by Hacienda to conduct an investigation into the sexual abuse and neglect of their daughter,” the family expressed in a statement released by their attorney John Micheaels.

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"Dirty John" Is Too Relatable

This week’s pipeline from true crime to entertainment culminated with the finale of Bravo’s Dirty John, which aired Sunday.

While the miniseries is not the first podcast to be adapted to television (HBO’s 2 Dope Queens and Amazon’s Lore and Homecoming are notable examples that predated it), the show marked the first true crime-turned-podcast-turned-TV-drama. Based off the #1 podcast of the same name, the eight-episode first season features Connie Britton giving a painfully believable portrayal of real-life mother Debra Newell, a highbrow interior designer and four-time divorcee in her late 50s. While she thinks she’s met the perfect man online, Dr. John Meehan (Eric Bana) soon reveals himself to be a conman and unrepentant asshole with a penchant for mood swings, drug binges, and entreaties for forgiveness—which Debra grants, again and again.

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Lorena Bobbitt Story – What Is Lorena TV Show About

When you hear that Jordan Peele has made a documentary series about Lorena Bobbitt, you might make one assumption: This is the true-life story of every man’s nightmare, getting his penis cut off by a vengeful woman. But you’d be half wrong. The Get Out writer-producer isn’t predictable like that. He and director Joshua Rofé instead set out to make this four-part series for Amazon a fresh take on what went down between Lorena and husband John Wayne Bobbitt and how their story paved the way for the 24-hour news cycle we’re now so used to.

“With this project, Lorena has a platform to tell her truth as well as engage in a critical conversation about gender dynamics, abuse, and her demand for justice,” Peele said in a press release about Lorena.

Before we get to this fresh version of events, though, you could probably use a

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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Netflix’s Ted Bundy Docuseries

Serial killer Theodore Robert Bundy has fascinated and horrified the American public for more than 40 years since he was convicted and later put to death for the murder of 30 women in the 1970s. Now, Netflix is feeding the true crime appetite of its viewers with its new Ted Bundy documentary series premiering on January 24. And here’s everything we know about Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes to prepare you for your next marathon watch.

The Ted Bundy Tapes will tell the story of America’s most notorious serial killer. And the most anticipatory element of the docuseries, of course, is the tapes its named after. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the series will feature previously unheard audio of interviews with Bundy, recorded while he was on death row in Florida before he was put to death by

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‘BTK: A Killer Among Us’ True-Crime Special From Cream Productions Set On Investigation Discovery

Investigation Discovery has given the green light to BTK: A Killer Among Us , a two-hour true-crime documentary special about notorious serial killer Dennis Rader, for premiere next month.

BTK: A Killler Among Us, produced by Cream Productions (Fear Thy Neighbor), delves into the psyche of the infamous Wichita, Kansas, killer, sharing intimate details behind his seemingly normal life. It’s set to air Sunday, February 17 at 10/9c on ID.

The docu special chronicle’s Rader’s shocking double life through comprehensive interviews with law enforcement, victim’s family members, reporters, and arguably the closest person to Rader: his daughter, Kerri Rawson, following the twisted path that eventually led to his conviction.

In 1974, Wichita’s reputation as a peaceful community was destroyed when Rader began his killing spree with the murders of four members of the Otero family. Months later he

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Exclusive interview: John Walsh and son Callahan on new ID series ‘In Pursuit’ and America’s denial of…

John and Callahan Walsh tackle hard cases. Pic credit: Investigation Discovery

In Pursuit With John Walsh was a TV show that wasn’t supposed to happen.

Walsh, who spoke to us with his son Callahan about their new Investigation Discovery venture, was adamant.

“I wanted to be a grandfather,” he says, noting that the state of America is nowhere near “great again” status.

In fact, we are a more violent and dangerous a country than ever before.

Put politics aside, Walsh owns guns and loves to hunt. But he insisted too that many mentally ill people can get access to inappropriate guns (read: semi-automatic rifles) and is no fan of the NRA, saying it represents gun manufacturers and holds our congress and senators hostage.

In Pursuit With John Walsh was the result of Henry Schleiff, Group President of Investigation Discovery (and American Heroes Channel

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‘True Detective’ Episode 2: Letting Go Is the Hardest Part (RECAP)

After the first episode of True Detective set the murky vibe and introduced the third season’s mystery, the second installment, “Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye,” is more of a meditative slow-burn. We focus on the deteriorating mind-state of Wayne (Mahershala Ali), while the investigation pings from suspect to suspect, slowly teasing details in both the past and the present. Whether or not we can trust those details is an important question we have to ask ourselves.

The case of the Purcell children has come to define Wayne’s life. It serves as his anchor, one that keeps him grounded to reality but also restricts him from moving forward. “You ever been someplace you couldn’t leave, but couldn’t stay at the same time?” asks Woodard (Michael Greyeyes), the local Trash Man who is interrogated about the crime. The gloomy detective doesn’t respond to the fellow ‘Nam vet, but by the end of the

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Payne Lindsey & Donald Albright Talk "Atlanta Monster" Podcast & More

Background on The Atlanta Child Murders:

Albright gave a quick background on the Atlanta Child Murders. He explained, “So 1979 to 1981, over 30 a young black African American boys to young men went missing and 29 of those 30 turned up murdered. And there was outcry in the city where these mothers had to band together and really try to get any recognition that children were even missing. They took a year for a task force will be formed, it took over a year for FBI involvement. And it was an explosive situation because you had only black kids, all but two were young boys. They are being found two, three weeks later, maybe months later on the sides of roads in ditches. And there was just no attention being paid to it. And especially, I mean, that’s still a problem today, so imagine how it was in ’79. And

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The new trailer for Netflix’s Ted Bundy series is absolutely chilling

Whether consuming a podcast, docuseries, or Zac Efron-led Ted Bundy movie, Americans have an undeniable obsession with true crime and murder. Of course, some people are very “Thank U, Next” when it comes to true crime, but many of us live for it. No matter where you fall on murder content, we think most people can agree that the new trailer for Netflix’s upcoming Ted Bundy docuseries might be the most chilling. Conversations With a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes will feature 100 hours of previously unheard recordings with 1970s serial killer Ted Bundy, and the trailer gives us major creeps.

Paradise Lost documentarian Joe Berlinger helms the docuseries based on a book by the same name written by Stephen G. Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth. The interviews were conducted from prison in the 1980s while Bundy awaited his execution, and it’s unnerving to hear him speak.