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Susanna Reid is presenting a new true crime documentary and it looks fascinating

Looking for your next true crime obsession? Susanna Reid’s ‘Death Row: Countdown to Execution’ documentary is coming to ITV.

The Good Morning Britain host will be interviewing a death row inmate in Texas, which is home to the most active death chamber in the United States. In the two-part series, Susanna will be speaking to inmate Patrick Murphy.

He was one of the members of the notorious ‘Texas 7’ gang who violently murdered a police officer whilst on the run. Alongside six other inmates, he took part in one of the biggest prison breakouts in American history.

During his final days, Patrick will be speaking to Susanna about the breakout, and the events that led him to death row. The in-depth interview will examine how he feels about his fate, and his role in the crime.

Credit: ITV

Speaking about the documentary, Susanna said “This is a journey to a pretty bleak

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The real history behind Netflix true crime drama When They See Us

Three years after delving into the relationship between racial prejudice and mass incarceration in the United States with her Oscar-nominated documentary 13th, acclaimed director Ava DuVernay is back on Netflix with a dramatisation of one harrowing real-life case: the Central Park Five.

The four-part series, When They See Us, follows Antron McCray, Yusef Salaam, Korey Wise, Kevin Richardson and Raymond Santana, a group of black and Hispanic teens who were wrongfully imprisoned for the rape of a jogger in New York’s Central Park on 19th April 1989.

In 2002, after most of the boys had served their prison sentences (Wise, the only one who was tried as an adult, was still incarcerated), a serial

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The disturbing trailer for Susanna Reid’s Death Row: Countdown To Execution just dropped – here’s why true cri

THE spine-chilling ITV documentary Susanna Reid’s Death Row: Countdown to Execution is back and with it comes a host of seriously disturbing stories of murder, manipulation and menacing revelations.

Susanna Reid, the host of Good Morning Britain, leaves her glitzy daytime studio and travels to Huntsville, Texas to meet a man facing the death penalty. Here’s the rundown of the series.

 Susanna Reid interviewed Patrick Murphy for her two-part ITV series Death Row: Countdown To Execution
Susanna Reid interviewed Patrick Murphy for her two-part ITV series Death Row: Countdown To Execution

What is Susanna Reid’s Death Row: Countdown to Execution?

The series follows Susanna Reid as she comes face-to-face with two men, who are on death row.

At Huntsville in Texas, she meets Patrick Murphy and Billie Wayne Coble to grasp an understanding in knowing death was right around the

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From ‘Escape at Dannemora’ to ‘Sharp Objects,’ Psychology of Female Criminology Proves Rich Story to Mine

Television’s fascination with crime stories dates back decades, but in order to capture an audience’s attention today, when it is pulled in multiple directions by 500 scripted series alone, a deeper dive inside the mind of those who do wrong has proven to be a recipe for successful storytelling. More specifically, there has been an uptick in digging into the psychology of female culpability and full-on criminology through limited series such as “Escape at Dannemora,” “Sharp Objects” and “The Act.”

“You want to create characters that are just mesmerizing — that are so complicated and alive and credible that you find yourself identifying with them and then are thrilled to go through those emotions without having to do that in your own life,” says Michael Tolkin, executive producer of “Escape at Dannemora.”

While “Escape at Dannemora” told the true story of a prison

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‘My Favorite Murder’ podcasters get even more personal in their new book

The die-hard fans of “My Favorite Murder,” a true-crime comedy podcast, recently gathered at the Strand bookstore’s Rare Books Room to celebrate the publication of “Stay Sexy Don’t Get Murdered,” a combination memoir and advice volume written by the popular podcast’s hosts, Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff. Hardstark, in a vintage-inspired blue dress, and Kilgariff, sleek in black to match her hair, thanked the crowd of around 100 in the classic New York venue.

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Hotel Where Woman Says She Was Brutally Attacked Claims She Asked for $2.2M Before Going Public

Nearly a week after a Delaware woman came forward with her story of allegedly being brutally attacked at the Majestic Elegance in the Dominican Republic, the all-inclusive resort is addressing the incident.

In a statement issued on their Twitter Wednesday, Majestic Elegance shared the hotel’s side of the “confusing incident” from January 29 and refuted Tammy Lawrence-Daley’s previous claims that authorities and hotel staff had mishandled the case.

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Newlywed Falls to Her Death While Recording Fight with Husband After Attending Baseball Game: Police

A man has been charged with domestic assault after his wife of just two weeks died in a parking garage in St. Louis, Missouri, over the weekend.

Allissa L. Jenkins née Martin, 27, was found dead by St. Louis police in the early hours of Sunday morning on a ramp in a parking garage close to Busch Stadium, where she and husband Bradley S. Jenkins, 30, attended the Cardinals baseball game against the Chicago Cubs the night prior.

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One big criticism of the Ted Bundy Tapes, according to former FBI agent John Douglas

Note: This article contains graphic description that some readers may find distressing.

John Douglas was a Special Agent with the FBI and is the leading expert when it comes to criminal profiling.

In fact, the Netflix series Mindhunter is based on his pioneering work and book of the same name, which Douglas co-authored with Mark Olshaker.

Related: Did you spot this Mindhunter link in Netflix’s Ted Bundy Tapes?

During his career, Douglas has sat across the table and spoken directly to some of the world’s most violent and notorious serial killers – including Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy.

He’s used his research to help shape the way that criminal investigations are run as well as feeding into the understanding of why they happen in the first place.

With Netflix’s recent

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‘Lone Star Justice’ true crime drama featuring former Smith County Sheriff JB Smith, detectives to air Wednesday on Investigation Discovery

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