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Stream It Or Skip It: ‘The Alcasser Murders’ on Netflix, a Compulsively Watchable Docuseries Recounting One of Spain’s Most Gruesome Cases

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The Alcasser Murders is the latest Netflix Original true-crime documentary series, a five-part chronicle of the disappearance and deaths of three teenage girls from a small town in Spain. Director Elias Leon pieces the story together from archival footage and new interviews, similar to other docuseries on the streaming service, including Making a Murderer and The Keepers. But it may be more in line with Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes and HBO’s O.J.: Made in America, considering how the tragedy became infamous in Spain for devolving into a media-exploitation circus.


Opening Shot: Luisa Gomez, older sister of Antonia Gomez, sits center-frame for a present-day interview.

The Gist: In 1992, Miriam Garcia, Antonia Gomez and Desiree Hernandez hitchhiked from their hometown

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The Best Netflix Documentaries Of 2019 (So Far)

We’re living through a golden age of documentaries. In fact, this age might be slightly too golden. It can get a bit disorientating, wading through the streaming swamp and trying to pick out something to watch. You might get lucky and land on Wild Wild Country or Pumping Iron. Or you might panic and accidentally find yourself 20 minutes into The Pyramid Code, wondering exactly why you’ve never heard that the Great Pyramids at Giza were built by the aliens as secret water purification plants.

So, to help, use this handy guide. Netflix has had a glut of great new docs join its enormous roster since the start of this year, and these are our picks.


“If you are first you are first,” Bill Shankly famously observed. “If you are second, you are nowhere.” Shanks probably wouldn’t have got very far without that attitude, obviously, but this anthology

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The best music podcasts in 2019 – interviews, documentaries, superfans

There are a number of popular genres in the podcasts market: true crime, comedy, sports, politics and technology among them. But music is also a thriving genre, with a variety of sub-formats exploring songs, artists and the culture around music.

We’ve chosen some of the most popular and/or inventive shows, which make a great starting point for anyone looking to understand how music fits in to the podcasting sector.

The original list was published as part of Pod Only Knows, the report we co-published in June 2019 with British music-industry body the BPI. You can read the full report here.

The list below is being

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Inside ‘The Alcásser Murders’: True Story Behind Netflix True Crime Series

Netflix will release a new true crime documentary series about the Alcásser murders on June 14, in what’s sure to be its latest, successful true crime retelling. The documentary series will take viewers deep into the devastating kidnapping, rape and murder of three teenage girls.

The online streaming service has been releasing captivating true crime accounts, from Making A Murderer to The Confession Tapes, which have started international conversations on crime, justice and societal fascination with both. The Alcásser Murders will be the latest international account to premiere to an American audience. Its focus will be on the small, Spanish town of Alcásser and the three girls whose lives ended there. The

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Queer true crime stories: what they say about homophobia today

In 1935, a man named Paul Ivar was murdered in Los Angeles.

Though he was the victim, newspapers scrutinized his supposedly “shadowy past.” The New York Daily News called him “a neurotic young man with a flair for feminine accoutrements and effeminate companions.” The paper claimed he spent time with a “colony of neurotics,” including women who “were said by police to attire themselves habitually in male costume.”

“Neurotic,” James Polchin writes in his book Indecent Advances: A Hidden History of True Crime and Prejudice Before Stonewall, released earlier this month, “was code for a host of sexual and gender transgressions” at the time.

According to Polchin, a cultural historian and professor of global liberal studies at New York University, the victim blaming evident in accounts of Ivar’s murder was typical of the way the press covered crimes against gay or presumed-gay men between World War I and

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Calum Worthy (‘The Act’) discusses coming full circle with his murderous character [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW]

“You could call it method in many ways, but for me, it’s just trying to commit to the character in the best way possible and whatever that entails,” Calum Worthy tells Gold Derby in an exclusive interview (watch the video above). He discusses his approach to portraying convicted murder Nicholas Godejohn in the true crime anthology series “The Act” headlined by Joey King and Patricia Arquette for Hulu. The supporting actor explains about taking on the part two decades into his career: “It’s kind of a full circle because my first role, I actually played a cannibal in a show called ‘Night Visions’ when I was nine and Bill Pullman cast me in it and I had to eat him, so I feel like it actually might be more of a through line in my career than I’d like to admit.”

Woman Attacked in Dominican Republic Says All-Inclusive Resort Is Trying to ‘Blame the Victim’

The woman who says she was brutally attacked in January at a resort in the Dominican Republic has accused the all-inclusive of attempting to “blame the victim” after the hotel addressed the incident Wednesday in a statement.

Tammy Lawrence-Daley, 51, wrote in a May Facebook post that she was attacked and left for dead in an underground area at the Majestic Elegance Punta Cana Resort by a man wearing a hotel uniform. She and her husband have accused authorities and hotel staff of mishandling the case.

On Wednesday, nearly a week after the woman’s Facebook post, which received extensive media coverage, the resort issued a statement denying Lawrence-Daley’s allegations. The hotel’s statement also accused her of requesting $2.2 million in compensation,

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Is ‘Mindhunter’ Based On A True Story? Let’s Set The Record Straight

All over the world, Mindhunter fans are counting down the days until the hit TV show returns to Netflix for its highly-anticipated (and tbh, long overdue) second season this August.

If you loved season one, then you probably can’t wait to see what crimes FBI agents Holden Ford (Jonathon Groff) and Bill Tench (Holt McCallany), with the help of psychologist Wendy Carr (Anna Torv), try to solve using insight gained from interviewing imprisoned serial killers in season two.

But before you resort to binge-watching old episodes in preparation for the show’s return (hey, gotta deal with that withdrawal somehow), let’s set the record straight: Is Mindhunter based on a true story?

**Kool-Aid Man voice**: Ohhhhh yeah.

Netflix got the inspiration for its series from the true crime book of the same name by real-life FBI agent John E. Douglas and

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The disturbing trailer for Susanna Reid’s Death Row: Countdown To Execution is here – here’s why true crime fa

THE spine-chilling doc Susanna Reid’s Death Row: Countdown to Execution is coming to ITV and with it brings a host of seriously disturbing stories of murder and manipulation.

Host of Good Morning Britain, Susanna Reid, leaves the glitz of the studio to travel to Huntsville, Texas to meet a man facing the death penalty. Here’s the lowdown on the series…

 Susanna Reid interviewed Patrick Murphy for her two-part ITV series Death Row: Countdown To Execution
Susanna Reid interviewed Patrick Murphy for her two-part ITV series Death Row: Countdown To Execution

What is Susanna Reid’s Death Row: Countdown to Execution?

The series follows Susanna Reid as she comes face-to-face with two men, who are on death row.

At Huntsville in Texas, she meets Patrick Murphy and Billie Wayne Coble to grasp what it’s like to know death is right around the

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From True Crime to Consumer Tips, Fox Television Stations Rev Up Local Podcasts

When WNYW-TV reporter Dan Bowens found himself wiping away an inch of dust from Beta tapes of newscast recordings excavated from the Fox OO’s archives, he knew he had something.

Bowens is the host of WNYW’s podcast “The Tape Room,” which focuses on deep dives into unsolved crimes from the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut area. Bowen has found plenty of material just by combing through WNYW’s vault, which he augments with new interviews with key players in the cases and other investigative efforts.

“It’s extra work but to me these cases are so fascinating,” Bowens tells Variety. “One thing about these old cases — no matter how big they were in the day, the cases fade from the news. Families are happy to hear from you and sometimes they’re more willing to talk and detectives are more

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