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Crime documentary to examine greedy fiance’s murder of wealthy Northumberland author Helen Bailey

The horrific murder of Northumberland-born Helen Bailey, who was buried in a cesspit by the man she’d planned to marry, is to feature in a documentary.

Airing on Thursday, ‘Voice of a Killer’, will delve into the sick motivations of murderer Ian Stewart, who killed Helen for her £1.8m fortune.

In February 2017, Stewart was convicted of murdering the Ponteland author and dumping her body in a sewage pit in her Hertfordshire home.

The CBS Reality true crime show, which presents recordings of killers speaking about their crimes in their own words, will see criminal psychologists and other experts turn the spotlight on Stewart. You can watch a preview of the show above.

Helen Bailey and her dog Boris
(Image: PA)

The money-hungry killer targeted his victim through an online bereavement group in 2011 – both having experienced the death of their first spouse.

He gradually won

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10 Chilling Details Bravo’s Dirty John Left Out From the Disturbing True Story

If you’re still reeling from the wild Dirty John finale, we’re right there with you. The eight-episode Bravo series — which is based on the true story of how interior designer Debra Newell (Connie Britton) fell prey to notorious con artist John Meehan (Eric Bana) — came to an end on Sunday night with the death of Meehan. While it may seem like a lot of the show was embellished for TV, it actually stuck pretty true to the story. Yes, it’s true that Meehan and Newell tied the knot after only a couple months of dating. And yes, it’s true that Meehan set Newell’s car on fire when they were separated, though it was actually a Tesla, not a Maserati. Still, there were a few important details that the Bravo series left out from the harrowing true story.

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‘True Detective’ Episode 2: Letting Go Is the Hardest Part (RECAP)

After the first episode of True Detective set the murky vibe and introduced the third season’s mystery, the second installment, “Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye,” is more of a meditative slow-burn. We focus on the deteriorating mind-state of Wayne (Mahershala Ali), while the investigation pings from suspect to suspect, slowly teasing details in both the past and the present. Whether or not we can trust those details is an important question we have to ask ourselves.

The case of the Purcell children has come to define Wayne’s life. It serves as his anchor, one that keeps him grounded to reality but also restricts him from moving forward. “You ever been someplace you couldn’t leave, but couldn’t stay at the same time?” asks Woodard (Michael Greyeyes), the local Trash Man who is interrogated about the crime. The gloomy detective doesn’t respond to the fellow ‘Nam vet, but by the end of the

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Sober in Boulder: No ID or designated driver needed

The bar scene can be really fun in Boulder, but I used to say that only one in 10 nights I went out was actually worth it — both in terms of the amount of fun I had as well as the way I felt the next day. Luckily, there are endless opportunities to go out in Boulder without drinking or needing an ID. You’ll probably find you meet more interesting people and spend way less money, too.

Here are just a couple of ideas beyond the obvious hiking, climbing, hunting, fishing and skiing options.

Lights, camera, action

Brayden Coleman bowls at The Connection in the University Memorial Center.

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Helen Bailey murder to be covered in two crime documentaries

The horrifying murder of popular children’s author Helen Bailey will be examined in two upcoming crime documentaries.

Ms Bailey was murdered by her fiancé, Ian Stewart, who hid her remains in a cesspit along with those of her dachshund Boris in the garage of their Royston home.

The brand new true crime series What The Killer Did Next  will delve into the twists and turns of Ms Bailey’s murder in its first episode.

The series, hosted by Life on Mars and Living The Dream star Philip Glenister, examines some of the most violent and callous murders with a special focus on the behaviour of killers in the immediate aftermath of a murder.

The episode hopes to unpick Stewart’s mindset after the heartless killing and the motive behind his actions with the help of testimony from crime detectives, defence lawyers and expert criminologists and psychologists.

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True Detective season 3 premiere review: ‘Back on track with a riveting return’


In retrospect, it was courageous of creator/writer Nic Pizzolatto to try to take it in a different direction, even if that direction sometimes led to frustrating dead ends.

I haven’t changed my opinion that season two had some good things going for it, including strong performances by Colin Farrell and Rachel McAdams, or that some of the most hostile reviews (which put the future of the series in genuine doubt) went way over the top.

Mahershala Ali in the first trailer for HBO's third season of True DetectiveMahershala Ali in the first trailer for HBO's third season of True Detective

Mahershala Ali in the first trailer for HBO’s

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When is Black Mirror season 5 released on Netflix? Who is in the cast? What is going to happen?

Charlie Brooker and longtime collaborator Annabel Jones created something never seen before on Netflix with interactive Black Mirror movie Bandersnatch.

But they’re not stopping there.

2019 will see a whole new season of Black Mirror, with all-new episodes debuting slightly later than usual due to the work required on Bandersnatch.

“Doing Bandersnatch was like doing several episodes at once,” Brooker told, “so in one respect the other season five episodes are more straightforward, though they all come with their own challenges.”

Find out more about Black Mirror season five below.

When is Black Mirror season five released on Netflix?

Charlie Brooker told that season five episodes are “imminent-ish” following the release of Bandersnatch, although an official release date has not yet been confirmed by Netflix.

However, expect the new episodes to air at some point in 2019,

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‘They framed her’: 10 years after US woman was accused of daycare killing, effort to clear her name persists

When Melissa Calusinski found Benjamin Kingan unresponsive in his bouncy chair at a US day care centre on January 14, 2009, his death later that day was a mystery.

It wasn’t yet clear that it would also become – in the eyes of the law – a murder.

It also wasn’t clear that the case would attract attention across the US. Or that – now a decade later – the events surrounding the Illinois, US, toddler’s death would continue to be debated: Was it intentional or accidental? Did Benjamin die of a skull fracture caused by Calusinski, a worker at the centre, or of a pre-existing condition? Was her confession true or coerced? Did authorities withhold from Calusinski’s defense attorneys an X-ray of Benjamin that undermined their case?

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Netflix’s new true crime documentary series about Ted Bundy looks chilling and terrific

Clear some time because it airs this month.

After the success of The Innocent Man, Netflix are kicking-off 2019 with one of their biggest releases for fans of the true crime genre.

As mentioned previously, Emmy-winning documentarian Joe Berlinger (Brother’s Keeper, Metallica: Some Kind of Monster) is directing and executive producing the four-part project, titled Conversations With a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes.

As stated in the official synopsis, the documentary aims to help audiences “get inside the twisted mind of America’s most notorious serial killer in his own words.”

Shortly before his execution and after more than a decade of denials, Bundy confessed to 30 homicides committed in seven states between 1974 and 1978. The true number of victims is unknown and possibly higher.

Conversations With a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes will be released on 24 January – exactly 30 years since Bundy was executed for the 1978 murder of Kimberly Leach.

The documentary series

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