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Edie Falco on Her Career, Roles and Creating a Character

Actress Edie Falco

“I’ve been exceedingly lucky to find the roles that I’ve found and to work with the people that I’ve worked with” – Edie Falco

Four-time Emmy Award-winner Edie Falco has been nominated yet again for an Emmy for her performance as real-life defense attorney Leslie Abramson in the miniseries Law Order True Crime: The Menendez Brothers. In an interview for Gold Derby about her career, Falco spoke about the miniseries and explains why she feels so lucky when it comes to the roles she has been cast in.

Abramson became a controversial figure during the Menendez trial. Falco explains that she tried to understand Abramson’s decisions and character by figuring out her motivation and place in this story. She explains, “It was the same as it is to any character.

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Our Favourite Crime Shows Of All Time

Dexter (2002 – 2012)

Starring: Michael C Hall, Jennifer Carpenter

When this show about a do-gooder serial killer premiered on Showtime, it toppled conventions on what — and who — a protagonist should be. Dexter’s adopted father Harry recognised his son would be unable to rise above his insatiable thirst for, well, murder. Harry, a police officer, knew just how a criminal could get around the cops. As a gift from father to son, Harry teaches Dexter how to kill without getting caught, and how to choose victims who are already guilty of other crimes.

The twist? In addition to being a murderer himself, Dexter is an indispensable Forensics Expert of the Miami police department. Throughout its eight seasons, Dexter redefined what a crime show was, and who a criminal is.

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Greenlit: ‘Law & Order’ Expands With ‘Hate Crimes,’ ‘Veronica Mars’ on Hulu Gets a CD + More

Greenlit: ‘Law  Order’ Expands With ‘Hate Crimes,’ ‘Veronica Mars’ on Hulu Gets a CD + More

Greenlit means a project is officially a go, so all you have to do is follow these leads to stay up to date. You never know where you’ll find an opportunity to land an audition!

“Law Order: Hate Crimes”
There will be a little bit more law and order this coming year. NBC is once again expanding its “Law Order” universe with a 13-episode order of “Law Order: Hate Crimes,” from creator and executive producer Dick Wolf. This will be the seventh “Law Order” series in total, including the still-running “SVU,” “Criminal Intent,” and its latest anthology, “True Crime.” If Wolf continues his usual trend, casting director

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NBC moves Law & Order into Hate Crimes

Law Order: SVU is into its 20th season on NBC

US broadcast network NBC is expanding its Law Order franchise with a 13-part series about hate crimes from the original’s show’s creator, Dick Wolf.

Law Order: Hate Crimes has been co-created by Wolf and former Law Order: Special Victims Unit (SVU) showrunner Warren Leight and is based on New York’s real-life Hate Crimes Task Force.

The show is being produced by Wolf’s US prodco Wolf Entertainment in association with Universal Television. Wolf and Leight are executive producers, along with others including Peter Jankowski and Arthur Forney.

The show will follow the Hate Crimes Task Force, which in real life works under NYPD’s Special Victims Unit, as it attempts to enforce policies against all types of discrimination.

Characters from the forthcoming Hate Crimes series, which will again be set in New York City,

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NBC Gives The Green-light To Law And Order: Hate Crimes

For nearly 30 years, the Law Order franchise has dominated the genre of police (and lawyer) procedural dramas. Since the original’s debut in 1990, the franchise has gone on to spawn five additional spin-offs: Special Victims Unit, Criminal Intent, Trial By Jury, LA, and True Crime. SVU, which stars Mariska Hargitay (and up to season 12, Christopher Meloni), will be entering its record-tying 20th season this Fall. Now, fans of the popular brand of television justice will be developing a sixth spin-off.

NBC has just ordered a 13-episode run for Law Order: Hate Crimes, the next chapter in creator/executive producer Dick Wolf’s expanding universe of cops and attorneys. NBC’s Co-President of Scripted Programming Lisa Katz had this to say to Deadline regarding the news:

“As Law Order: SVU enters its remarkable 20th season, it is exciting to get back into business

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Can “Law & Order: Hate Crimes” work in the era of Trump and Black Lives Matter?

It is with great curiosity and no small amount of trepidation that we inform you that NBC has given a 13-episode order to “Law Order: Hate Crimes,” yet another Dick Wolf branded procedural.

We have no personal bones to pick with one of the industry’s most prolific generators of crime and justice TV stories, understand. Rather, our concern has to do with how Wolf plans to approach the fraught and thorny subject of bias crimes, and how such an interpretation may play to and with the audience, impacting their understanding of how the justice system handles such cases.

With Wolf’s work, the answer is never entirely cut and dried, although a number of viewers may express sheer distaste for Wolf’s oeuvre for entirely defensible reasons.

According to NBC’s press announcement, released Tuesday, “Law Order: Hate Crimes” is set in New York City, “where crimes motivated by discrimination

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Law & Order : une septième série centrée sur les crimes haineux

En septembre dernier, NBC lançait Law Order : True Crime, une déclinaison anthologique de la franchise (connue chez nous via les séries New York : Unité Spéciale ou New York : District). Si le succès n’a pas forcément été au rendez-vous, elle entendait néanmoins proposer une vision plus réaliste de la série policière en s’intéressant à des affaires ayant réellement existé (en l’occurrence, le cas des frères Menendez).

Mais selon Deadline, NBC change à nouveau son fusil d’épaule et a commandé un septième spin-off, baptisé Law Order : Hate Crimes.

Comme son nom l’indique, il s’agit de suivre une unité spéciale chargée des crimes de haine. Dès qu’il y a discrimination, cela relève de cette unité. Information intéressante : cette série fera partie du même univers que New York : Unité Spéciale, et ses personnages seront intégrés par ce biais.

Histoire de montrer que la chaîne semble très confiante,

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NBC kauft siebten «Law & Order»-Ableger

Nachdem Dick Wolf zunächst sein großes «Law Order»-Imperium schuf, widmete er sich seinem «Chicago»-Franchise rund um Polizisten, Feuerwehrleute, Sanitäter und Anwälte. Nun bestellte das US-Network ein neues Spin-Off von «Law Order» , der den Titel „Hate Crimes“ trägt. Eine erste Staffel mit 13 Episoden wurde schon bestellt.

Die Abteilung „Hate Crime Task Force“ existiert in New York City tatsächlich und geht gegen Diskriminierung jeglicher Art vor. Diese ist dem Special Victims Unit der NYPD unterstellt und leiht sich Detektives der SVU aus. Aus diesem Grund wird es auch einen Backdoor-Piloten in der 20. Staffel von «Law Order: SVU» geben.

„Wie bei all meinen Verbrechenssendungen möchte ich darstellen, was in unseren Städten wirklich vor sich geht, und ein Licht auf die weitreichenden Opfer werfen und zeigen, dass Gerechtigkeit siegen kann”, sagte Wolf. „Vor 20 Jahren,

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Law & Order: Hate Crimes, arriva nuovo spinoff della serie

Christine Lahti e Mariska Hargitay in una scena dell'episodio Unstable di Law  Order: SVU

Christine Lahti e Mariska Hargitay in una scena dell'episodio Unstable di Law  Order: SVU

NBC ha deciso di espandere ulteriormente lo storico franchise tv di Law Order, e ha ordinato tredici episodi di un nuovo spin-off, intitolato Law Order: Hate Crimes. Alla serie lavorerà lo storico creatore Dick Wolfe e l’ex showrunner di Law Order – Unità speciale, Warren Leight.

Law Order: Hate Crimes si baserà

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