Here’s Every Country’s Favorite TV Show, Mapped

Asked what the most popular TV shows are across the United States or the United Kingdom, readers might be able to advance some very plausible theories. Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, and The Walking Dead would all dominate discussion on one side of the pond; Sherlock and Doctor Who would predictably loom large on the other.

But what say you about Belize’s best-rated series? Any ideas about what consitutes Mongolia’s most-liked piece of small-screen media? A new map compiled by recommendation site RAVE Reviews provides some particularly intriguing insights into how some programs accrue fanbases far from the countries that produced them—and others never break beyond borders, becoming homegrown hits that most in the U.S. never will have heard of.

World's Most Popular TV Shows
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Despite its less-than-scientific methodology—the map pulls from IMDb user ratings—the study

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