‘Injustice’s Nancy Grace on Getting to ‘Really Dig’ Into Cases for the Oxygen Series

The 1979 murder of her fiancé when she was in college drove outspoken, dogged Nancy Grace to become a prosecutor — and she says she misses her days in the Atlanta DA’s office. “I knew, whether I got a guilty or a not guilty, that at the end of the day, I did something right,” she says.

With her new Oxygen series Injustice With Nancy Grace, the former host at Court TV and CNN sister network HLN returns to true-crime TV, taking what she calls “a hard look” at cases gone wrong. Grace tells us more. 

What sparked the idea for Injustice?

Nancy Grace: We would start work on the daily show at HLN [Nancy Grace] first thing in the morning, but often, a child would suddenly go missing or an incident would occur, and we had to turn on a dime and report the latest. Injustice gives me time to

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