Wednesday, July 10: ‘Battle of the 80s Supercars With David Hasselhoff’

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Wednesday, July 10

Battle of the 80s Supercars With David Hasselhoff
History, 8pm

This two-hour special is part of History’s annual Car Week and features Knight Rider star David Hasselhoff setting out to prove how his iconic ’80s KITT car inspired and revolutionized the car industry for years to come. The special culminates with a one-of-a-kind race with Hasselhoff and the KITT car, Dirk Benedict and The A-Team squad van, and Erik Estrada in the motorcycle from the police drama television series CHiPs, with the winner taking home major bragging rights.

The Handmaid’s Tale

It’s the backstory fans of this dystopian drama have been waiting for! While June (Elisabeth Moss) and her fellow handmaids go all Mean Girls on one of their own, Aunt Lydia (Emmy winner Ann Dowd) reflects on her pre-Gilead past as a judgy teacher.

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