New Documentary Killer Ratings Has Been Dubbed Netflix’s ‘Best Yet’


Netflix fans have called new documentary Killer Ratings ‘completely fascinating, horrifying and insane’ after it was claimed that a TV host was ordering the murders that were later featuring on his show.

The seven-part true crime documentary series focuses on the Brazilian television presenter turned politician, Wallace Souza, who was accused of having local people killed in a bid to boost his show’s ratings.

The programme, called Canal Livre, was Brazil’s equivalent to Crimewatch and it’s alleged that Souza was setting up the crimes so that his show could then pretend to ‘solve’ them.

Canal Livre’s camera crew were often on murder scenes before the police were, giving ex-cop Souza the opportunity to condemn corruption within the force.

His ability to be one of the first people to turn up to a crime scene was also what brought about suspicions and 10 years ago, Souza was charged

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