‘Our Godfather’ Review

Mark Franchetti and Andrew Meier’s documentary recounts the story of Tommaso Buscetta, the Mafia turncoat whose testimony led to more than 400 convictions.

The story of Mafia turncoat Tommaso Buscetta is compellingly told in a documentary by Mark Franchetti and Andrew Meier that recently received its world premiere at Toronto’s Hot Docs festival. Relating the tale of Buscetta, the highest-ranking Mafia figure ever to break the code of silence known as omertà, with the gripping tension and fast pacing of a first-rate thriller, Our Godfather will prove fascinating for anyone interested in the milieu. And as the films with a title similar to this one demonstrated several decades ago, those numbers are legion. (Buscetta’s story is also being dramatized in Marco Bellocchio’s upcoming film The Traitor, which premieres in Cannes).

Buscetta was a boss in the Sicilian Mafia who committed numerous crimes, including murder, before he moved to Brazil in

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