Johnny Depp plays war photographer, more movie news

WHO Johnny Depp

THE MOVIE “Minamata”

THE DEAL A still from the movie has been released offering a glimpse of the actor in the role of war photographer W. Eugene Smith. The film dramatizes the events behind Smith’s 1975 photo essay for Life magazine documenting severe mercury poisoning and birth defects in Minamata, a Japanese village where water was polluted by Chisso Corp. a chemical company ). The independent film is directed by Andrew Levitas and written by David K. Kessler from a book Smith wrote with his wife. The cast includes Bill Nighy, Minami and Hiroyuki Sanada.all names spcq/lii 

WHO Zach Braff

THE MOVIE “The Comeback Trail”
THE DEAL The filmmaker-actor has joined the all-star cast of a new comedy, according to Deadline. Braff will play the business partner of Max Barber (Robert De Niro), a film producer in debt to a mob boss (Morgan Freeman). Max’s idea: Cast washed-up actor Duke Montana (Tommy Lee Jones), in

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