Ivan Milat documentary: Catching Milat tells the story of the serial backpacker murders

Four years on from its release, crime series Catching Milat is streaming on Stan. The two-part mini-series which originally aired on Channel 7 will be available on streaming service come April 18th, 2019.

Catching Milat tells the story of Ivan Milat, convicted of the serial backpacker murders in the Belanglo State Forest.

Starring actor Mal Kennard as the serial killer, Catching Milat is largely based on the book Sins of The Brother as well as the investigation which took place between 1989-1993 to catch the man responsible for the murder of seven backpackers. Resulting in an NSW police lead man-hunt, unlike anything the Australian public had ever witnessed. 

The miniseries was met with outrage upon its release – family members of one of Milat’s victims circulated a petition to Catching Milat explaining that they should not be forced to relive the pain of Australia’s “most horrendous” murders. Former assistant police commissioner Superintendent Clive Small, who was the superintendent on the case at the time, said the role of detective Paul Gordon, played by actor Richard

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