FX has 4 seasons of ‘American Crime Story’ in the works, but don’t hold your breath for more ‘Feud’

It will be a while before we get new “American Crime Story” installments, and it’ll be even longer — if at all — before we get a second season of “Feud.”

During Disney’s TV’s upfront presentation on Tuesday, FX Chairman John Landgraf echoed much of what he had said in February about the futures of both Ryan Murphy franchises. After dumping a planned Prince Charles and Princess Diana installment last summer, FX does not have any “Feud” seasons in development at the moment. “Ryan hasn’t found a follow-up that he’s excited about to work on,” Landgraf said.

On the other hand, development is continuing on four “American Crime Story” follow-ups, but FX has not decided which one will be the third season yet. “We’re waiting for Ryan to decide what he wants to do next,” Landgraf said of the prolific producer, who’s currently setting up shop at his new

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