Four creative podcasts from beloved brands

As podcasts have grown in popularity, they have also provided a new marketing opportunity for tech companies and international megabrands to create audio content that will draw even more people to their products. But while Facebook’s “Three and a Half Degrees” or McDonalds’ “The Sauce” might seem like little more than extended advertisements, some brands have found a way to make their podcasts engaging and original while plugging their products.

Inside Trader Joe’s

As whimsical as the grocery store chain that it came from, “Inside Trader Joe’s” takes listeners behind the scenes with stories about the chain’s founding, where their most beloved products originated and the carefully curated branding the grocery store has cultivated.

The show is hosted by marketing director Tara Miller and vice president of Product Marketing Matt Sloan. The first season focused on the history of Trader Joe’s, featuring interviews with founder Joe Coulombe himself, and more recent

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