Podcast Of The Week: Three Shots Of Tequila

We get it – it’s hard wading through every chart and recommendation on social media for the podcast you should be listening to on your morning commute.

From true crime to fiction to celebrity interviews to comedy, there’s almost too much choice – but before you get caught up in your scrolling-through-Netflix-for-hours-without-watching-anything habit, we have your back.

Every Sunday, Metro.co.uk will be handpicking the podcast of the week for you to feast your ears on while avoiding eye contact with everyone on the bus or the tube.

This week, we’re eavesdropping on best mates Marvin Abbey, Keith Dube and Tazer Black with their podcast, 3ShotsOfTequila.

With the kind of banter and chat that only comes from people who have known each other forever, their introduction through a mutual friend has sparked a series that has been going strong now for three years.

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