Mr Cruel tormented Melbourne for a decade. 31 years on, we still don’t know who he is.

Much like Mr Cruel, the Golden State Killer was a serial offender who liked to rape young women and girls before murdering them. Both offenders shared remarkable similarities in their style of attack, and their horrific penchant for violent, sexually-based crimes.

The Golden State Killer in California didn’t only target young girls and his victims ranged in age from 13 to 41, The Australian reports.

First, he targeted young women and their children. Then, as he grew in confidence, he began targeting couples as they slept in their own homes. According to the FBI, the same man is thought to be responsible for 12 murders, 45 rapes, and 125 burglaries between 1976 and 1986 – when he mysteriously disappeared.

According to The Australian, US authorities confirmed they looked at the possibility that the Golden State Killer might have fled to Australia after he stopped operating suddenly, without explanation, in 1986.

Both men

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