Arrested Development season 5, part 2 review: The show must not go on

Is this the end of Arrested Development? Sad to say, I hope so. The second half of the fifth season lands on Netflix today. These eight episodes conclude a byzantine mystery that began way back in 2013, when the canceled cult comedy rebooted itself as Streaming Age event.

This release marks a low point for the once-great series, recycling gags, reheating limp characters, swirling complicated narrative strands without the old snappy grace. In the season (series?) finale, a long 45-minute-ish episode, there is an 80-second Ron Howard narration montage. It’s a recap of key plot points from a few episodes earlier. The jokes weren’t funny the first time. Watching them play out — again, for more than a minute — made me ponder the theory of Eternal Recurrence, which states that we haven’t laughed at the fifth season of Arrested Development infinite times before, and we won’t laugh at

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