‘Disgraceland’ Podcast Ready to Rock & Shock With Crime Stories About Winehouse, Cobain & More in Season 3

Series founder Jake Brennan tells Billboard he’s also spinning off two new pods this year.

Norwegian black metal murderers, bloodthirsty cannibal rappers, a meth-loving funk paranoiac, the most debauched band in hard rock history and a soul superfreak whose actual epitaph might as well have been “cocaine is a helluva drug” — those and many more stories have been told on Jake Brennan’s ripped-from-the-headlines podcast Disgraceland, a true crime serial that focuses on some of the most outrageous, felonious, bloody stories in music history, including last year’s profiles of Mayhem and Barzum, Big Lurch, James Brown, Mötley Crüe and Rick James.

Brennan, who recently announced a partnership with iHeartMedia to bring two more seasons of Disgraceland to the iHeartPodcast network, is kicking off season 3 on Thursday (March 14) with a two-episode story on late Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain and wife Courtney Love.

“What hooks me is partly responsible for why people like

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