A Tipster Pointed to Where a Body Was Buried, Revealing a 40-Year-Old Mystery

But as with any good mystery, there are myriad unanswered questions. Who was the victim? When did that person die? And, most important, how did that body wind up in pieces in a backyard, all but forgotten since the 1970s?

John Guido has lived for more than 40 years behind the two-story home at 87-72 115th Street where the remains were found. He said the home had been a rental property that for decades had housed an endless stream of tenants. In the 1970s, he said, it attracted “really bad guys.”

“They broke into my house,” he said. He stopped the burglaries by installing a six-foot chain-link fence.

Mr. Guido, 69, said he watched as officers combed the weedy, debris-strewn backyard with a police dog on Tuesday. The German shepherd bounded through the lot, barked and began digging. Thirteen officers — one in a white

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