The Twisted Killer And The Sleuths Who Never Gave Up On His Capture

To read about the Golden State Killer is to discover two things.

The first is the deeply twisted mind of a killer and rapist who evaded capture for more than four decades. The second is the internet sleuths who never gave up on his capture.

The most famous sleuth was Michelle McNamara, who dubbed the man suspected of a dozen murders and several dozen rapes across multiple California jurisdictions, the Golden State Killer.

Prior to her moniker, he was known as the East Area Rapist and the Original Night Stalker, and for a while was believed to be more than one person — a factor which no doubt played a part in his years of evading capture.

But McNamara wasn’t the only obsessive chasing this man down. Delve a little further than the headlines, and you’ll find entire websites and chatrooms dedicated to his uniquely sadistic crimes.

The Golden State Killer, or GSK for

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