HLN True-Crime Show Stars Asked If Evil Exists: “Yes. Our 45th President,” Hill Harper Responds – TCA

CNN’s HLN network came to TCA on Monday to talk about its latest news-headlines-by day, true-crime-by-night iteration. Donnie Wahlberg came too, because the Blue Bloods star will headline HLN’s new Very Scary People debuting March 17.

“Are you the Masked Singer,” was the first question he took, which maybe is not what HLN was looking for when deciding to make a rare TCA appearance (mostly, news programs shun the event).

Donny Wahlberg


Wahlberg’s wife Jenny McCarthy is a judge on Fox’s hit mystery-singers competition series, and a prevailing theory is that Wahlberg is one of the masked competitors.

“I can’t answer that,” Wahlberg responded coyly. “There’s a list of boy band-ers alleged to be The Rabbit, and I’m on the list. I think I’m trending behind Joey Fatone and Joey McIntyre.”

“My wife

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