‘Ask Dr. Ruth’ Trailer: America’s Favorite Sex Therapist Gets ‘RBG’ Treatment

If the success of “RBG” and “Won’t You be My Neighbor?” taught documentary distributors anything, it’s that audiences love hagiographies about beloved American public figures — the older the better. Like Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Fred Rogers, Dr. Ruth Westheimer effected radical change in the most unassuming of packages. Perhaps less known to contemporary viewers, but no less influential, Westheimer is getting the biopic treatment with “Ask Dr. Ruth,” a new documentary about the popular sex therapist coming to Hulu in May.

Of course, Dr. Ruth is no stranger to television; she hosted at least five television shows for Lifetime throughout the late ’80s and early ’90s, following the success of her radio show, “Sexually Speaking.” For audiences who recall hearing her German-accented sex advice on the radio or TV, Westheimer’s return to the screen will be laden with nostalgia. But the film also includes her lesser-known

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