‘Abducted in Plain Sight’: Who Is Jan Broberg and What Is She Doing Now?

Is Abducted in Plain Sight the strangest documentary of all time? Many viewers seem to think so. The disturbing details have Netflix subscribers tweeting up a storm and posting all over social media about how freaked out they are. But one thing they all agree on? It’s impossible to stop watching it.

Many people who find it difficult to stomach true crime documentaries were relieved to notice that the main person in the story, Jan Broberg, survived her kidnapping. She’s one of the interview subjects who relays all the gory details. In case you thought Jan Broberg looked familiar, there’s a good reason why. Here’s who she really is and what she’s up to now.

Warning: This post contains
spoilers for the Netflix documentary ‘Abducted in Plain Sight.’

Who is Jan Broberg?

She goes by Jan Broberg Felt now and she’s an AmericanRead more at: https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/abducted-in-plain-sight-who-is-jan-broberg-and-what-is-she-doing-now.html/